Акали: статистика

Акали: статистика и винтрейт в LoL

Статистика и рейтинг чемпионов в LoL

Кол-во обработанных матчей (Акали): 201,043

Процент побед






Процент блокировок


These champion statistics were prepared using 201 043 recently played, ranked Акали matches. MOBA Champion pulls competitive game results directly from Riot's own database. Having a large number of LoL matches to evaluate gives us a lot of confidence in our capability to provide accurate Акали statistics. Across all matches, she didn't perform very well, with a below average win rate of 47.5%.

In the current meta, Акали is incredibly popular. She has been played in 8% of recently ranked rounds. She is very often banned during champ select. Obviously, most players see her as a huge threat. In the latest ranked rounds, Акали was banned 12.9% of the time.

Процент побед на разных этапах игры

As a result of Акали's K/D/A and utility, she has a somewhat poor overall win rate. She does best in the late game, with a winrate of NaN% in that phase. Unfortunately, she does worst in the late game, where Акали's win rate is NaN%., The difference between her best and worst game phases is a large NaN%. This sizeable difference shows us that her power spikes and fades in different parts of the game. Plan well.

Данные по позициям

Популярность: 22.1%
Процент побед: 47.2%
Популярность: 0.1%
Процент побед: 28.4%
Популярность: 77.4%
Процент побед: 47.5%
Популярность: 0.2%
Процент побед: 41.1%
Популярность: 0.2%
Процент побед: 41.2%

Акали: статистика и мета

You can see her most often used in the middle position. The highest win rate position for Акали is middle ([object Object]%). At this time, Акали's meta game is centered around dealing damage. In particular, her build should mostly be centered around magical damage. Moreover, she is a decent physical damage dealer champ. Supporting others and crowd control are the least critical part of Акали’s playstyle.

You should anticipate having to dedicate a decent amount of time practicing and learning to master Акали. Many LoL players think she is an average difficulty champ to main. Акали primarily causes magic damage (88% of her total damage). She doesn't deal a lot of other damage types and should not be played as hybrid damage dealer..

Акали deals a decent amount of damage in a normal game (19 573 damage). You may want to focus on building her as a damage dealing champion to crush your enemies.


Стиль игры

Тип урона


Акали не отвергла учение Шена, но отреклась от Кинку и титула Кулака тени. Теперь она действует в одиночку; она стала оружием, защищающим народы Ионии. Акали наносит смертельный удар неслышно, ведь без слов понятно: ''Убийца без хозяина опасен вдвойне''.

She is a powerful damage dealer on the Rift with 8.2 kills on average each game. That is one of the highest kill counts amongst all middles. 'Moreover, she has a somewhat above average death rate with an average of 6.1 deaths per LoL round. Furthermore, Акали has an average KDA ratio (2.2) with 5.4 assists.

Акали: базовые характеристики

Здоровье 500 - 500
Мана 200 - 200
Урон 62 - 62
Дальность 345
Броня 23 - 23
Сопротивление магии 37 - 37
Скорость передвижения 345
Тип энергии Энергия

Анализ данных

Каждую неделю мы тщательно анализируем миллионы матчей League of Legends, которые получаем напрямую с серверов Riot. Мы используем продвинутые алгоритмы, чтобы предоставлять наиболее точную статистику чемпиона Акали онлайн. Данные можно отсортировать по рангу, поэтому процент побед и другая статистика чемпиона Акали будут максимально актуальными.