Estadísticas de Counter de Annie vs Twisted Fate

Cómo ganar el enfrentamiento entre Annie y Twisted Fate vs Cómo vencer a Twisted Fate como Annie en LoL

Cómo vencer a Twisted Fate como Annie

2,625 Annie vs Twisted Fate Enfrentamientos Analizados

We calculate our counter stats from the millions of recently ranked League matches that we review every week. This guide on how to beat Twisted Fate as Annie came out of an examination of 2625 ranked rounds where both champs faced one another. This champion pairing is somewhat rare. Annie is forced to battle against Twisted Fate in only 1.6% of her games.

Annie does a great job of beating Twisted Fate. Normally, she wins a whopping 55.1% of the time the champions fight each other in. In Annie against Twisted Fate matches, Annie’s team is 0.0% more expected to get first blood, indicating that she probably will be able to get first blood versus Twisted Fate.



Primera sangre


Los mejores objetos de Annie para contrarrestar a Twisted Fate

The most important items to have in your Annie versus Twisted Fate build consist of Tempestad de Luden, Sombrero mortal de Rabadon, and Reloj de arena de Zhonya. When Annie combined at least these three items in her build, she did much better when fighting Twisted Fate than with many other commonly used item sets. In fact, Annie boasted an average winrate of 63.6% when countering Twisted Fate with these items in her kit.

Las mejores runas de Annie para contrarrestar a Twisted Fate

Electrocutar Rune Electrocutar
Golpe bajo Rune Golpe bajo
Colección de globos oculares Rune Colección de globos oculares
Cazador incesante Rune Cazador incesante
Celeridad Rune Celeridad
Piroláser Rune Piroláser

To have the highest chance of coming out on top against Twisted Fate as Annie, Annie players should take the Electrocutar, Golpe bajo, Colección de globos oculares, Cazador incesante, Celeridad, and Piroláser runes from the Dominación and Brujería rune sets. Out of all the rune builds players used for Annie vs Twisted Fate battles, this combination of runes yielded the greatest win rate. Notably, these runes gave a 57.4% win rate overall.

We have also shown the best Twisted Fate runes to counterpick against Annie to help you recognize how he will likely be setup against you.


7.2 | Annie Twisted Fate | 5.1


5.6 | Annie Twisted Fate | 6.5


7.7 | Annie Twisted Fate | 8

Resumen de estadísticas del contador de Annie vs Twisted Fate

The stat comparisons shown here feature some critical Annie versus Twisted Fate counter statistics that can help us realize the distinctions between this set of champions. For instance, Annie’s KDA ratio ([kills + assists] / deaths) of 2.7 is more than Twisted Fate’s ratio of 2.0, highlighting that Annie may be more central to her team's team fighting capability,capacity,effectiveness,potential than Twisted Fate..

Annie normally has a slightly larger longest killing spree than her enemy,opponent,foe,counter,matchup does. On average, she receives less damage than Twisted Fate. This is usually reflective of different amounts of tankyness; however, it can also illustrate that the one champion has less agility and thus is unable to flee from further damage when engaged or poked.

In Annie vs Twisted Fate matchups, Annie often racks up a similar number of minion kills than Twisted Fate. Champs who on average don't get very much CS usually don't have to have much CS to be effective. Instead, they are able to scale easily off of their abilities alone. However, champions with many minion kills, such as ADCs, usually must have a lot of gold to be useful. In either case, try to do better than the values displayed here to do well.

By default, tips, stats, and builds on how to beat Twisted Fate as Annie are given for all skill levels, merged. If you would like to,To,If you want to narrow the statistics and builds to a particular skill level, you may use the selection menu located at the top of this page.

Mayor Asesinato múltiple

1.67 | Annie Twisted Fate | 1.17

Largest Multi-Kill

1.48 | Annie Twisted Fate | 1.24

Daño Infligido

20,280 | Annie Twisted Fate | 15,335

Daño recibido

15,279 | Annie Twisted Fate | 19,215

Healing Done

1,378 | Annie Twisted Fate | 2,753

Vision Score

20 | Annie Twisted Fate | 18

Oro Acumulado

10,796 | Annie Twisted Fate | 11,054

Súbditos Muertos

137 | Annie Twisted Fate | 143

Dragones Matados

0.09 | Annie Twisted Fate | 0.09

Barones asesinados

0.02 | Annie Twisted Fate | 0.03

Torres destruidas

2.02 | Annie Twisted Fate | 1.94

Inhibidores destruidos

0.5 | Annie Twisted Fate | 0.44

CC Duration (sec)

186 | Annie Twisted Fate | 168

Experience Earned

13,045 | Annie Twisted Fate | 12,935

Cómo analizamos nuestros counters de campeones

Para esta guía de counters, hemos analizado 2,625 partidas de Annie contra Twisted Fate recientes de LoL. Utilizamos rigurosos métodos de limpieza y procesamiento de datos para garantizar que nuestras estadísticas de counters sean de la máxima calidad. Puedes estar seguro de que la build recomendada para contrarrestar a Twisted Fate como Annie proviene de datos reales y no es la invención de algún jugador de LoL al azar, como algunos otros sitios proporcionan. Puedes utilizar los filtros de la parte superior de la página para ver las estadísticas y los elementos más relevantes para tu rango.