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The Best Runes, Items, and Advice to Dominate Your Competition

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Twisted Fate

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We set our Twisted Fate build recommendations by analyzing 69,063 recently ranked LoL rounds with him selected. We only propose the highest winrate Twisted Fate builds that were built by ranked players enough times for us to reccomend them. With so many matches in our dataset, we are very confident in our recommended builds.

To find more champion specific build tips and tactics, feel free to take a look at our tips farther down on the page. Additionally, to view the best Twisted Fate build from a different skill division, you can pick a different skill tier from the dropdown menu above. The calculated Twisted Fate builds will update to reflect that skill level’s meta.

Best Twisted Fate Runes

If you are facing a varied enemy team comp, you should strongly consider getting Twisted Fate the Arcane Comet, Nimbus Cloak, Transcendence, Gathering Storm, Magical Footwear, and Cosmic Insight runes. In recent matches, he won the greatest percentage of his games when using these runes. Yet, if you are battling a different enemy team comp, such as an AD focused or a tank centric team, you should instead look down and to the right to view the best Twisted Fate runes to win your particular round.


Arcane Comet Rune Arcane Comet
Nimbus Cloak Rune Nimbus Cloak
Transcendence Rune Transcendence
Gathering Storm Rune Gathering Storm
Magical Footwear Rune Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight Rune Cosmic Insight
Versus Selected Team Comp
Press the Attack Rune Press the Attack
Overheal Rune Overheal
Legend: Alacrity Rune Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace Rune Coup de Grace
Cheap Shot Rune Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter Rune Ravenous Hunter

Best Items for Your Twisted Fate Build

The best items to incorporate into your Twisted Fate build include: Luden's Tempest, Rabadon's Deathcap, Rapid Firecannon, and Banshee's Veil. Yet, like our rune suggestions, you can also find great, dedicated, Twisted Fate item builds farther down for the specific enemy team comp you are fighting in your ongoing game. Players who added these items in their builds had a much higher winrate than players who used other Twisted Fate builds.

LoL Item Luden's TempestLoL Item Rabadon's DeathcapLoL Item Rapid FirecannonLoL Item Banshee's Veil

vs AD Heavy Teams

LoL Item EverfrostLoL Item Lich BaneLoL Item Void StaffLoL Item Zhonya's Hourglass

vs AP Heavy Teams

LoL Item Hextech RocketbeltLoL Item Rapid FirecannonLoL Item Lich BaneLoL Item Nashor's Tooth

vs CC Heavy Teams

LoL Item Hextech RocketbeltLoL Item Rapid FirecannonLoL Item Lich BaneLoL Item Banshee's Veil

vs Tanky Teams

LoL Item Luden's TempestLoL Item Rabadon's DeathcapLoL Item Lich BaneLoL Item Banshee's Veil

Guide to Playing with Twisted Fate

  • Twisted Fate can outfarm any enemy laner because of the extra gold granted by Loaded Dice.
  • Destiny reveals all enemy champions, even invisible ones. Use this to coordinate effective ganks or finish off champions that are trying to escape.