Estadísticas de Counter de Jinx vs Kai'Sa

Cómo ganar el enfrentamiento entre Jinx y Kai'Sa vs Cómo vencer a Kai'Sa como Jinx en LoL

Cómo vencer a Kai'Sa como Jinx

17,575 Jinx vs Kai'Sa Enfrentamientos Analizados

We get our counter stats from the millions of ranked LoL rounds that we review each week. Our guide on how to beat Kai'Sa as Jinx came out of an examination of 17575 ranked games where both champs faced off against one another. This particular pairing is fairly uncommon. Jinx fights Kai'Sa in only 5.9% of her matches.

Jinx does a decent job of countering Kai'Sa. On average, she wins a acceptable 51.3% of games the champions face off with one another in. In Jinx vs Kai'Sa games, Jinx’s team is 0.1% less probable to earn first blood. This indicates that she most likely won't be able to get first blood against Kai'Sa.



Primera sangre


Los mejores objetos de Jinx para contrarrestar a Kai'Sa

The ideal items to focus on in your Jinx versus Kai'Sa build consist of Verdugo de krakens, Bailarín espectral, and Huracán de Runaan. When Jinx combined at least these three pieces in her build, she did a lot better countering Kai'Sa than with most other typical item sets. In fact, Jinx had an average winrate of 63.5% battling Kai'Sa with these items in her kit.

Las mejores runas de Jinx para contrarrestar a Kai'Sa

Compás letal Rune Compás letal
Claridad mental Rune Claridad mental
Leyenda: Linaje Rune Leyenda: Linaje
Derribado Rune Derribado
Entrega de galletas Rune Entrega de galletas
Perspicacia cósmica Rune Perspicacia cósmica

To have the greatest probability of vanquishing Kai'Sa as Jinx, Jinx players should use the Compás letal, Claridad mental, Leyenda: Linaje, Derribado, Entrega de galletas, and Perspicacia cósmica runes from the Precisión and Inspiración rune sets. Of all the rune combinations that we analyzed for Jinx vs Kai'Sa face-offs, this blending of runes yielded the best win rate. In fact, these runes provided a 57.7% winrate overall.

We have also displayed the best Kai'Sa runes to duel Jinx in order to help you infer how she will likely be played to try to beat you.


6.4 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 7.7


5.8 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 5.5


7.5 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 6.1

Resumen de estadísticas del contador de Jinx vs Kai'Sa

The stat comparisons provided here clarify several influential Jinx vs. Kai'Sa counter statistics that may help you figure out the differences between this set of champions. As an example, Jinx’s KDA ratio ([kills + assists] / deaths) of 2.4 is similar to Kai'Sa’s KDA ratio of 2.5, highlighting that Jinx may be just as central to her team's team fighting capability,capacity,effectiveness,potential as Kai'Sa..

Jinx normally has a similar longest killing spree as her enemy,opponent,foe,counter,matchup does. On average, she takes a similar amount of damage to Kai'Sa. This typically indicates different amounts of tankyness, but it can also illustrate that the one champ has less agility and thus is unable to escape additional damage when poked or engaged.

In Jinx vs Kai'Sa matchups, Jinx often takes a similar number of CS than Kai'Sa. Champs that don't acquire much CS normally don't need much CS to be useful. They are capable of scaling adequately off their skills and stats alone. Yet, champions with tons of CS, such as carries, usually have to have a lot of gold to be effective. In either case, work to do better than the averages displayed here to do well.

By default, tips, stats, and builds on how to beat Kai'Sa as Jinx are given for all ranked divisions combined. If you would like to,To,If you want to narrow the statistics and builds to a particular rank, you should use the selection menu earlier in the counter matchup guide.

Mayor Asesinato múltiple

1.49 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 1.75

Largest Multi-Kill

1.61 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 1.62

Daño Infligido

17,833 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 17,334

Daño recibido

17,301 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 18,005

Healing Done

3,882 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 4,891

Vision Score

17 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 18

Oro Acumulado

11,502 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 11,884

Súbditos Muertos

164 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 166

Dragones Matados

0.26 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 0.28

Barones asesinados

0.07 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 0.08

Torres destruidas

2.7 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 2.27

Inhibidores destruidos

0.59 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 0.51

CC Duration (sec)

78 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 28

Experience Earned

12,016 | Jinx Kai'Sa | 12,121

Cómo analizamos nuestros counters de campeones

Para esta guía de counters, hemos analizado 17,575 partidas de Jinx contra Kai'Sa recientes de LoL. Utilizamos rigurosos métodos de limpieza y procesamiento de datos para garantizar que nuestras estadísticas de counters sean de la máxima calidad. Puedes estar seguro de que la build recomendada para contrarrestar a Kai'Sa como Jinx proviene de datos reales y no es la invención de algún jugador de LoL al azar, como algunos otros sitios proporcionan. Puedes utilizar los filtros de la parte superior de la página para ver las estadísticas y los elementos más relevantes para tu rango.