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The Best Runes, Items, and Advice to Dominate Your Competition

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Our Jinx builds result from our evaluation of 208,007 recently ranked Jinx rounds. Only the best win rate Jinx builds that are also commonly used are recommended. Because we have so many rounds in our data, we are sure that we can give you the highest quality builds to help ensure you win your next match!

For more focused build tips and tactics, please check out our tips farther down on the page. Additionally, to see the top Jinx build for a different skill rank, please select a different one from the dropdown menu above. The ideal Jinx builds will update to capture that skill level’s meta.

Best Jinx Runes

If you are fighting a mixed enemy team comp, you should really consider grabbing her the Lethal Tempo, Presence of Mind, Legend: Bloodline, Cut Down, Eyeball Collection, and Ravenous Hunter runes. In recent games, she won the largest percentage of her matches when using these runes. Yet, if you are facing a more homogenous enemy team composition, such as an AP focused or a CC centric team, you should instead glance down and to the right to view the best Jinx runes to win your particular game.


Lethal Tempo Rune Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind Rune Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline Rune Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down Rune Cut Down
Eyeball Collection Rune Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter Rune Ravenous Hunter
Versus Selected Team Comp
Press the Attack Rune Press the Attack
Triumph Rune Triumph
Legend: Alacrity Rune Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace Rune Coup de Grace
Cheap Shot Rune Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter Rune Ravenous Hunter

Best Items for Your Jinx Build

The best items to incorporate into your Jinx build include: Galeforce, Infinity Edge, Runaan's Hurricane, and The Collector. Additionally, similar to our rune builds, you can also get great, dedicated, Jinx item builds further down for the specific enemy team comp you are battling in your current match. Players who included these pieces in their gear had a greater winrate than those who went for other builds for Jinx.

LoL Item GaleforceLoL Item Infinity EdgeLoL Item Runaan's HurricaneLoL Item The Collector

vs AD Heavy Teams

LoL Item GaleforceLoL Item Guardian AngelLoL Item Infinity EdgeLoL Item Runaan's Hurricane

vs AP Heavy Teams

LoL Item Immortal ShieldbowLoL Item BloodthirsterLoL Item Runaan's HurricaneLoL Item Rapid Firecannon

vs CC Heavy Teams

LoL Item Kraken SlayerLoL Item Guardian AngelLoL Item Infinity EdgeLoL Item Bloodthirster

vs Tanky Teams

LoL Item Kraken SlayerLoL Item Infinity EdgeLoL Item Runaan's HurricaneLoL Item Stormrazor

Guide to Playing with Jinx

  • Jinx's Switcheroo gives her great lane-clearing ability. Switching to the minigun is good for close-combat encounters. Otherwise Rockets provide good range to damage from a safe distance.
  • Try to keep a good range with Rockets during teamfights unless there is a need to get in close with minigun. Staying far can ensure that you dish out damage for a long time.