Comment gagner le match entre Thresh et Zyra Thresh is in the s tier of champions

Thresh vs Zyra

Comment battre Zyra en tant que Thresh dans LoL Zyra is in the a tier of champions
Support Fighter
Mage Support

Comment Battre Zyra en Tant que Thresh

basé sur 5 211 jeux avec Thresh contre Zyra
46,3 %
2,7 %

Comment Nous Analysons les Counters de Champions LoL

We summarize our matchup stats from the millions of ranked League rounds that we evaluate each and every week. Our guide on how to beat Zyra as Thresh came out of an evaluation of 5211 ranked matches where both champions opposed each other. This champ pairing is somewhat rare. Thresh has to counter Zyra in only 2.7% of his rounds.

Thresh vs Zyra Résumé du Matchup

Unfortunately, Thresh has done a awful job of countering Zyra. On average, he wins a lowly 46.3% of matches the champs face off with one another in. In Thresh against Zyra games, Thresh’s team is 0.2% more probable to gain first blood. This implies that he most likely will get first blood versus Zyra.

Meilleure Build pour les matchs avec Thresh vs Zyra


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Potion de soinBouclier relique

Objets suivants

~5 Mins
Armure d'étoffeGemme exaltante

Objets de base de Thresh

~22 Mins
Médaillon de l'Iron SolariConvergence de ZekeVœu du chevalier

Articles facultatifs

Pierre de balise vigilanteRédemptionForce de la natureCœur gelé

Summoner Spells

summonerflash summoner spell D
summonerdot summoner spell F

Ordre de compétence

Première compétence pour Thresh à monter de niveau q
Deuxième capacité pour Thresh de monter de niveau e
Dernière compétence pour Thresh à maximiser w


Volonté Gardien Fontaine de viePlaque d'osInébranlable
Inspiration Livraison de biscuitsSavoir cosmique
Ability Haste Armor Magic Resist
Thresh's passive ability p
Thresh q ability q
Thresh w ability w
Thresh e ability e
Thresh's ultimate ability r

Guide pour contrer Zyra comme Thresh

Conseils pour jouer en tant que Thresh contre Zyra.

La communication est essentielle quand vous utilisez la lanterne de Thresh. Informez vos alliés de votre manière de l'utiliser.

Thresh peut aussi collecter les âmes des unités qu'il n'a pas tuées. Positionnez-vous de façon à être près des morts pour maximiser votre collecte.

Les compétences Peine capitale et Fauchage peuvent être combinées pour effectuer de puissantes actions.

Conseils pour gagner contre Zyra

Les graines de Zyra peuvent être détruites en marchant dessus. Si elle tente de faire pousser des plantes quand vous vous en approchez, reculez au dernier moment pour esquiver.

S'approcher de Zyra peut être une bonne idée si elle place des plantes trop loin d'elle.

Déplacer le combat dans une zone différente privera Zyra des graines déjà plantées.

Les plantes subissent des dégâts fixes, comme les balises. Leur durée de vie est aussi très courte.

Les graines plantées par le Z de Zyra sont plus grosses et d'une couleur différente, et elles confèrent un peu de vision à son équipe.

Thresh vs Zyra Statistiques du match

Thresh Image
Win Rate
46,3 %
Win Rate
53,7 %
Zyra Image
< Kills >
< Deaths >
< Assists >
< Killing Sprees >
< Minions Killed >
< Dragons Killed >
< Inhibitors >
< Physical Damage >
6 556
< Magic Damage >
18 829
< True Damage >
8 193
< Damage Dealt >
20 669
22 390
< Damage Taken >
15 513
8 127
< Gold Earned >
9 369
< Towers >
< Baron Takedowns >
1 996
< Total Healing >
1 411
10 597
< Experience >
11 092
< Vision Score >
< Wards Placed >
< Time Dealing CC >

Comment Contrer Zyra avec Thresh dans LoL

The stats shown here show several valuable Thresh vs. Zyra matchup stats that may help you explain the differences and similarities between the pair. As an example, Thresh’s KDA ratio ([kills + assists] / deaths) of NaN is better than Zyra’s ratio of NaN, indicating that Thresh may be more central to his team's team fighting potential than Zyra..

Thresh usually has a slightly smaller longest killing spree than his matchup does. Commonly, he receives more damage than Zyra. This is usually reflective of different amounts of tankyness, yet it can also imply that the one champion has less agility and thus is unable to flee from additional damage when poked or engaged.

Differences between Thresh and Zyra

Comparaison des types de dommages}

Dommage physique
Dommage physique
Dommage Pur

Champion Playstyles Compared


Who is Better, Thresh or Zyra?

Both LoL champions are great. Both champs have their pros and cons. In League's current meta, Thresh usually loses when trying to fight Zyra, with a 46.3% win rate. As a result, Thresh makes a poor counter to Zyra.

While Thresh does have a lower win rate than Zyra, when facing one another, Thresh also has a greater difficulty level that makes him a more time consuming champion to pick up and master. You should expect to face a difficult match when picking Thresh into Zyraas his relative depth means you may not be able to unleash his full potential without a significant amount of practice beforehand.

Additionally, Thresh also has a great amount of CC and other utility, a similar amount to Zyra. This often makes her just as valuable during team fights, especially when facing champions with a ton of burst damage.

While there isn't one best champion in League of Legends, in Thresh vs Zyra matchups, Zyra is the better champ with a much lower win rate, similar champion depth, and a similar amount of utility to help out your allies during team fights.

Thresh is a bad counter to Zyra. Focus your gameplay on increasing your gold and cs and clearing objectives. If you do that, you should do very well as Thresh against Zyra.

Additional Information for Thresh Players

How We Calculated Our Thresh vs Zyra Build and Stats

For this guide on countering Zyra as Thresh, we analyzed 5 211 matchups from recent LoL games. We use rigorous data cleaning and processing methods to ensure that our counter stats are of the highest quality. You can rest assured that the recommended build to counter Zyra as Thresh comes from real data and is not the fabrication of some random LoL player, as some other sites provide. You can use the filters at the top of the page to view the most relevant stats and items to your rank.

Other Useful Resources

Further Insights to Win this Matchup

If you would like to truly master Thresh in order to counter Zyra during both the early game and mid / late game phases of League of Legends, you should keep reading to pick up a few extra tips and tricks for this matchup. If you listen to the build and suggestions shown above, you should increase your win rate significantly and be closer to League of Legends pro players.

Thresh on average accumulates a similar amount of CS relative to Zyra. Champs who on average don't earn many minion kills often don't need much CS to be valuable teammates, such as support champions. These kinds of champions are capable of scaling properly off of their abilities and first items alone. Yet, champs with large amounts of CS, such as hyper-carries, typically require several high cost items to be effective. In either case, try to exceed the numbers shown on this page to do well.

The ideal items to use in your Thresh versus Zyra build include Médaillon de l'Iron Solari, Convergence de Zeke, and Vœu du chevalier. When Thresh incorporated at least these three items in his build, he performed a lot better versus Zyra than with many other typical builds. In fact, Thresh had an average win rate of 46.3% battling Zyra with this counter build.

To have the highest probability of coming out on top against Zyra as Thresh, you should use the Gardien, Fontaine de vie, Plaque d'os, Inébranlable, Livraison de biscuits, and Savoir cosmique runes from the Volonté and Inspiration rune sets. Out of all the rune builds we have analyed for Thresh vs Zyra fights, this composite of runes yielded the greatest win rate. In fact, these runes averaged a 46.3% win rate overall.

If you would like to see Thresh versus Zyra tips and builds for a a particular division rank, feel free to select one from the selection menu shown above. If viewing for the first time, the statistics and build suggestions displayed are calculated using all games completed with these champions.