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Comment créer une synergie entre Aurelion Sol et Leona dans la même équipe ?Aurelion Sol is in the a tier of champions

Aurelion Sol with Leona

Comment gagner avec Aurelion Sol et Leona ? jumelés ensembleAurelion Sol is in the s tier of champions

Comment mettre en synergie Aurelion Sol et Leona ?

basé sur 2 270 jeux avec Aurelion Sol et Leona
55,6 %
3,7 %

Comment nous analysons les paires de champions dans LoL

We take in the results of from millions of LoL games straight from Riot Games each week. Aurelion Sol has fought alongside Leona in 2270 recent, ranked matches. By amassing so much complete data from the creators of LoL, we are totally sure that we can present to you robust, usable builds to help Aurelion Sol synergize with Leona. It is relatively rare for Aurelion Sol to play alongside Leona on the same side. This pairing has only taken place in approx. 3.7% of rounds with Aurelion Sol.

Aurelion Sol Leona Résumé de la synergie

Aurelion Sol does a great job of synergizing with Leona. On average, he wins a fantastic 55.6% of games the champions try and synergize their gameplay. If you want to maximize your potential as Aurelion Sol when fighting on the same team as Leona by figuring out how to better synergize your tactics with her, then look into the complete build (with items, runes, summoner spells, and skills) below!

Meilleure Build pour les matchs avec Aurelion Sol vs Leona


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Sceptre de RylaiFleur de crypteTourment de Liandry

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SorcellerieComète arcaniqueRuban de manaTranscendanceTempête menaçante
InspirationChaussures magiquesLivraison de biscuits
Adaptive ForceAdaptive ForceHealth Scaling
Aurelion Sol's passive ability p
Aurelion Sol's q ability q
Aurelion Sol's w ability w
Aurelion Sol's e ability e
Aurelion Sol's ultimate ability r

Guide de la synergie entre Aurelion Sol et Leona.

Conseils pour jouer en tant que Aurelion Sol avec Leona

Vous pouvez utiliser le vol de Comète légendaire pour donner des proportions gigantesques à Stellogenèse.

Comète légendaire vous permet de vite traverser la carte. Profitez-en pour mettre la pression sur d'autres voies.

Si besoin, gardez Cri de lumière pour vous défendre contre les ennemis au corps à corps. Sinon, utilisez son ralentissement pour initier le combat à longue distance.

Conseils pour comprendre comment Leona va jouer jouera

Bouclier de l'aube et Lame du zénith composent une puissante combinaison d'attaque.

Menez la charge et marquez vos ennemis avec Rayon de soleil avant que vos alliés n'infligent des dégâts.

Vous pouvez absorber de lourds dégâts avec Éclipse, mais vous devez rester à proximité des ennemis pour profiter du bonus de durée.

Aurelion Sol Leona Statistiques de synergie

Aurelion Sol Image
55,6 %
44,4 %
Leona Image
< kills >
< deaths >
< assists >
< killingSprees >
< cs >
< dragons >
< inhibitors >
< physicalDamage >
23 686
< magicDamage >
22 691
< trueDamage >
24 802
< damageDealt >
23 740
20 959
< damageTaken >
21 166
12 747
< goldEarned >
12 472
< towers >
< barons >
2 776
< heal >
2 596
15 309
< xp >
15 112
< visionScore >
< wardsPlaced >
< ccTime >

Comment jouer avec Leona dans le rôle de Aurelion Sol dans LoL

The Aurelion Sol Leona synergy stats shown here demonstrate the areas of his gameplay that do better (or worse) when paired with Leona, compared to his overall stats. Significant differences are areas of focus that highlight how his gameplay changes when paired with this other champion.

Overall, Aurelion Sol sees a large worsening in his KDA (ratio of kills and assists to deaths) when paired with Leona. His KDA worsened from NaN to NaN. This negative change shows that Leona helps Aurelion Sol perform poorer in competitive League of Legends games. Yet, the small difference demonstrates that this performance change is not very impactful.

When Aurelion Sol is paired with Leona, he sees a small increase in his total damage output. This difference could indicate that Leona supports by providing cover for him to deal more damage or that her allyship also helps extend the game's duration. Similarly, when Aurelion Sol is played with Leona on the same side, he usually scores many fewer killing sprees compared to when he plays on his own. This is contrasting evidence that he is worse when playing with Leona.

Additionally, when Aurelion Sol plays with Leona on the same team, he typically takes a little less damage than when he fights alone. Getting dealt not as much damage could mean that Leona does a decent job of protecting Aurelion Sol in teamfights.

Synergies entre Aurelion Sol et Leona

Comparaison des types de dommages

Aurelion Sol
Dommage physique
Dommage physique
Dommage Pur

Les styles de jeu des champions contrastés

Aurelion Sol

Est-ce que Aurelion Sol est meilleur quand il joue avec Leona ?

There is no top ally for Aurelion Sol that will always be his top synergy. Yet, Leona is a superb ally for Aurelion Sol. By locking into the same team as Aurelion Sol, she raises their win rate by 5.0% to 55.6%. This signals that there is a very real bond between Aurelion Sol and Leona that results in them performing at the top of their game together than without each other.

Leona has a much lower diffuclty than Aurelion Sol. That means Aurelion Sol players don't need to be cautious when arranging Leona comrades to play with, as they will need a much lower level of skill to fight well with you.

Playing cooperatively, you should expect to witness an overall large increase in your team’s capability to buff allies and debuff enemies. When paired, these champions may be able to carry with the power of their abilities.

Conversely, by aligning Aurelion Sol and Leona together, you will not be giving your side very much anti-tank damage dealing potential. Make sure to pick other champs on your team that nullifies this relative gap in this pairing's kit.

Regardless of your Leona ally's skill level, you should focus on maximizing your income, outlasting your enemies, and clearing objectives. If you heed this simple advice, you should do well anyway.

Informations supplémentaires pour Aurelion Sol Joueurs

Comment nous avons calculé notre Aurelion Sol Leona Synergy Build et Stats

Pour ce guide sur l'association de Aurelion Sol et Leona, nous avons analysé 2 270 matchs classés et récents de League of Legends. Nous effectuons un nettoyage avancé des données et utilisons des méthodes statistiques pour garantir que nos statistiques de synergie d'équipe sont précises et fiables. Vous pouvez être sûr que le build que nous vous recommandons pour associer Aurelion Sol et Leona provient de données réelles et n'est pas l'invention d'un joueur de LoL aléatoire, comme le proposent d'autres sites. Vous pouvez utiliser les filtres en haut de la page pour afficher les statistiques et les builds les plus pertinents de votre division.

Autres ressources utiles

De nouvelles idées pour gagner avec ce duo de champions

If you would like to learn all of the intricacies of Aurelion Sol to synergize with Leona during both the early game and mid / late game phases of League games, you should continue reading to master some more lessons on this champion pairing. If you mind the build and stats displayed here, you will increase your win rate significantly.

The best items to get in your Aurelion Sol and Leona synergy build include Sceptre de Rylai, Fleur de crypte, and Tourment de Liandry. When Aurelion Sol incorporated at least these three great items in his build, he did a lot better as an ally of Leona than with many other commonly used builds. In fact, Aurelion Sol had an average win rate of 55.6% when playing alongside Leona with this build.

To have the best probability of beating your oponents, Aurelion Sol players should equip the Comète arcanique, Ruban de mana, Transcendance, Tempête menaçante, Livraison de biscuits, and Chaussures magiques runes from the Sorcellerie and Inspiration rune sets. Out of all the rune builds players picked for this champion pairing, this blending of runes yielded the top win rate. Moreover, these runes gave a 55.6% winrate overall.

By default, tips, statistics, and builds on how to synergize Leona with Aurelion Sol are given for all ranked divisions combined. If you want to filter the statistics and builds to a distinct skill level, you should use the selection menu earlier on the page.