Estatísticas de Gangplank

Estatísticas e taxa de vitória de Gangplank no LoL

Estatísticas de Campeão e detalhamento de metagame do LoL

103,081 partidas com Gangplank analisadas

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To prepare these Gangplank statistics, we analyzed 103.081 recent competitive League of Legends rounds with him chosen. MOBA Champion pulls competitive game summaries directly from Riot's servers. This allows us to be very confident in our Gangplank statistics. He did not do a good job in recent matches. He racked up a dismal win rate of 45.6%.

In the current meta, Gangplank is somewhat popular. He has been played in 4.1% of recently ranked rounds. Hardly anyone sees him as a danger. He has only been banned in about 1.6% of League rounds.

Taxa de vitória de Gangplank periodicamente

As a result of Gangplank's K/D/A and utility, he has a terrible overall win rate. He does best in the late game, with a winrate of NaN% in that phase. Unfortunately, he does poorest in the late game, where Gangplank's win rate is NaN%., The difference between his best and worst game phases is a large NaN%. This large difference shows us that his power spikes and wanes in different parts of the round. Plan well.

Estatísticas de posição de Gangplank

Top lane
Popularidade: 77.3%
Taxa de vitória: 45.6%
Popularidade: 0.2%
Taxa de vitória: 28.4%
Mid lane
Popularidade: 21.7%
Taxa de vitória: 46.2%
Bottom lane
Popularidade: 0.5%
Taxa de vitória: 38.6%
Popularidade: 0.4%
Taxa de vitória: 36.9%

Gangplank Estatísticas e meta

Gangplank is most commonly played in the top position. This happens in [object Object]% of his matches. Yet, top Gangplank has the highest win rate ([object Object]%) of all positions but is less popular of a position (played [object Object]% of the time). Currently, Gangplank's meta game is focused on dealing damage. In particular, his build should mainly be focused on physical damage. Furthermore, he is an ok tank champion. Supporting others and crowd control are the least critical part of Gangplank’s build.

If you are not comfortable with his abilities and tactics, you probably will find it difficult picking him up for the first time. Most players consider him to be a challenging champ to master. Gangplank mostly does physical damage (68% of his total damage). He doesn't deal a lot of other damage types and should not be played as hybrid damage dealer..

Gangplank deals a decent amount of damage during a normal game (19.890 damage). You could focus on building him as a damage dealing champ to smash your enemies.


Estilo de jogo de Gangplank

Tipos de dano


Tão inesperado quanto brutal, o autointitulado Rei dos Ladrões conhecido como Gangplank é temido por todos os mares. Ele já reinou na cidade portuária de Águas de Sentina e, apesar de seu reinado ter terminado, existem aqueles que acreditam que isso só...

If you are looking for a dominating damage dealer, then you should maybe consider this champ. He has one of the top kill counts in League amongst all champions. 'Moreover, he has a somewhat typical death rate with an average of 6 deaths per League of Legends game. Additionally, Gangplank's KDA is typically low with an average KDA ratio of 2.0 as well as 6.7 assists per game.

Estatísticas base de Gangplank

Vida 570 - 570
Mana 280 - 280
Dano 64 - 64
Alcance de ataque 345
Armadura 35 - 35
Resistência mágica 32 - 32
Veloc. de movimento 345
Tipo de energia Mana

Análise de dados

Analisamos milhões de partidas do League of Legends extraídas diretamente dos servidores da Riot semanalmente e processamos os dados usando algoritmos avançados para oferecer as estatísticas mais precisas de Gangplank on-line. Os dados são analisados por tier, de modo que você possa encontrar as taxas de vitória e outras estatísticas mais relevantes de Gangplank.