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How to Get Free Champions in League of Legends

Published: July 11, 2021
How to Get Free Champions in League of Legends Like Yasuo

Are you tired of the same small set of champions? Looking for some new champs to play and master, but you don’t want to spend money to get them? This guide will teach you the best ways on how to get free champions in League of Legends.

LoL Free Champion Rotation

League of Legends has a free champion rotation that allows you to play with any of the champions in the set without paying for them. The free champ rotation includes 16 champs at any given time. This is approximately 10% of all available champions in LoL. This set of free champions in LoL changes every week on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, when the LoL free champion rotation changes, you lose access to any champions you don’t yet own. The free champion rotation in LoL is a great option for new players looking to try new champions before buying them.

Unlocking Champions with Champion Shards

By playing well or generally gaining XP, you earn champion capsules and Hextech chests. These often contain champion shards and blue essence (more on that later). From within your inventory, you can convert champions shards into champions by combining them with blue essence. Transforming champion shards will unlock the champion permanently for you.

Champion Shard Used to Unlock Free Champions in League of Legends

While this is an entirely free way to unlock champions in League of Legends, it doesn’t let you pick the specific champion you want to own. You have to have randomly earned a champion shard from the specific champ you want to unlock to use this method. If you don’t have a champion shard for the champion you want to get, keep reading.

How to Get Free Champions in League of Legends with Blue Essence

If you want to get a champion for free in LoL that you don’t have a champion shard for, you can still unlock them using only blue essence; however, you will need significantly more blue essence to get free LoL champions with this method. To purchase a champion with blue essence, go to the League store and buy the champion from there. Make sure to pay with blue essence. Riot Points are the other currency in LoL, yet they are tied to real money.

Blue Essence that can be used to get champions for free in LoL

Are any LoL Champions Locked Behind a Paywall?

League of Legends is a completely free-to-play game. There are no pay-to-win champions or items. There is no better set of champions that you can get by paying. You can access all League champs without paying any money at all.

If you are new to League of Legends and are still playing around with new champions and are not sure what champion to select, we highly recommend our guide to the Best League of Legends Champions for Beginners. In it, we provide an overview of the 5 easiest champions to play for each map position.

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