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Welcome to MOBA Champion

Published: November 14, 2019
Welcome to the Moba Champion Blog with Sumurai going into the Sunset

Welcome to MOBA Champion, a website built to provide you with the most useful League of Legends statistics, champion builds, and match predictions. We are confident that our state-of-the-art algorithms will give you an edge!

We decided to create MOBA Champion because we couldn’t find any good quality alternatives out there. There are other sites that claim to provide useful LOL stats, but I mean, really, how useful is the history of Ban Rate per Champion going back four years? Will that help you become a better player? We’ve tailored our pages to provide you with only the most useful and accurate information.

Our statistics and item builds are based purely on real, up-to-date matches pulled directly from Riot’s servers. You don’t need to worry if the item builds you’re following on our pages are written by newbs, are for a previous meta, or won’t work against the team comp your facing. Our algorithm combs through millions of recent matches to determine what items work best against specific team compositions.

What truly makes MOBA Champion unique is our novel match prediction algorithm. Most other sites will give you 1:1 counter win rates. A smaller number will even give you 2:2 win rates. Using a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm, we are able to predict win rates for 5:5 full team compositions. We’re very excited to bring you this feature. In a future post, we’ll go into more detail of how our algorithm works.

You may be wondering, why take all that time to code and debug the 10,000+ lines of code it takes to collect, analyze, and publish our analysis? We are passionate about League of Legends and about digging into the data to discover new and insightful trends. With 157 League of Legends champions at the moment, there are over 77 quadrillion (77 x 10^15) different potential champion combinations in a match. If every single person on earth were to play 30 minute League of Legends matches one after another until every combination of champions was played, it would take 590 years. If we include the specific roles and sides into the calculation (which our match predictor does take into account), the number of permutations expands to 2.2 sextillion (2.2 x 10^21)! Clearly, League of Legends is a complex game. Simple 1:1 and 2:2 counter stats won’t cut it.

An equally valid question might be, what makes us qualified to run these analyses? Why should you trust us? Our team is composed only of a few PhD engineering graduates from top schools. We have employed advanced statistics and machine learning models in our research and in our careers. We have a lot of experience. We hope through subsequent blog entries and your continued use of our tools, we can prove we know what we are talking about and that our insights are valuable!

This is not MOBA Champion’s final form. We will continue to improve our website’s design, fine tune our champion and item statistics, and add novel features not available from any other League of Legends build, counter, or stats sites. Stay tuned!

Images Courtesy of Riot Games.