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Complete Guide to the Tech-Savy Killjoy Valorant Agent

Published: August 12, 2021
Killjoy Valorant Agent in Yellow Jacket

Killjoy is a sentinel agent that was released and will be the 12th one added to Valorant's roster. Her official release date for Act II began on August 4, 2020 where she fell in line with Cypher as her playstyle seems similar to his given they both utilize their gadgets/techs most of all. This Killjoy Valorant guide will cover how Killjoy works, along with some strengths and weaknesses so you can decide if this is your type of agent!

Killjoy's Backstory

In Valorant, Killjoy is an incredible and intelligent inventor who crafts amazing gadgets. Her intelligence has been a welcome addition as the fourth new agent to join Valorant - agent Killjoy specializes in defense and has great Sentient skills.

Killjoy's Abilities Detailed

Agent Killjoy is a champion with four major abilities: AlarmBot, Turret, Nanoswarm and Lockdown. Players that pick her need to play very tactically as all of her abilities are placed gadgets. This allows her to provide excellent defense and great map awareness for her teammates. Furthermore, agent Killjoy has the ability to deal a large amount of damage from complete safety.

C: Nanoswarm Grenade (200 Credits)

Nanoswarm is one of her most useful abilities, but it takes a lot of practice to learn how and when to use it. Nanoswarm is a grenade that deals high amounts of damage to enemies. It can be detonated remotely, which makes it perfect for taking out multiple people and clearing an area quickly before the enemy gets alerted by your presence.

Nanoswarm grenade ability being used in-game hovering above her hand

The damage dealt from Nanoswarm occurs over time instead of dealing all its stored power upon exploding like a typical grenade. Nanoswarm is a stationary defense that can be deployed to provide coverage for areas where AlarmBot and Turrets are not as effective.

Nanoswarm's effectiveness relies on its proximity to the enemy, so it may need more than one placement depending on your team's strategy. Unlike with other defenses, players using agent Killjoy cannot recall this powerful unit once it has been placed - make sure you place them wisely!

Q: AlarmBot (200 Credits)

<content-wrap-image text="AlarmBots are another invisible unit once deployed. The Alarmbot will set off a red visual alert when it’s triggered or destroyed by an enemy coming into close proximity with it. It doesn't do damage on its own but can grant debuffs that cause enemies to temporarily receive double the normal amount of damage (Killjoy Valorant s AlarmBot ability is much much like Viper's "Fragile" mechanic)." left image-width-fraction="1/3" image-alt="Killjoy Valorant Ability Alarmbot in Her Workshop" image-src="/imgs/blog/agent-killjoy-valorant-guide/Alarmbot.jpeg">

The buff lasts for about four seconds, so you need to be near enough to secure the kill yourself Alternatively, AlarmNot may be used in combination with other abilities such as Turret or Nanoswarm to kill enemies from a safe distance.

E: Turret (Free)

Killjoy's Turret is a powerful tool for defending other players and yourself. It fires on enemies within 180 degree cone, has 125 HP, and deals varying damage based on distance from the turret to enemy units. The best strategy with her Turrets are often to place them around corners or in rooms where they can't be seen before coming in to range but still put up sufficient defense.

If you're playing against her team it may not take long before agent Killjoy strategically deploys one of these terrible turrets that will push you to change your strategy. This might frustrate some opponents who would prefer longer ranges engagements since they don't deal heavy amounts of damage close up.

Turret Deployed on the ground in the game by Valorant Killjoy Agent

Her Turret doesn't do a lot of damage on its own and isn't usually sufficient to take out enemies without support, yet it provides a good deal of supplemental damage and can zone enemies away from your team's flanks.

Furthermore, Killjoy’s Turret is a powerful tool for getting information, setting up crossfires and delaying pushes. Moreover, if placed well, the turret's shots can penetrate through multiple enemies to multiply its damage output.

What else makes it so great? When the turret gets destroyed agent killjoy can just place another one after only 45 seconds! But what if you want to reposition it before it is destroyed? Luckily, her Turret can be recalled back from across the map with no cooldown penalty in 20 seconds!

The turret is a handy weapon for when the enemy's cover may not be easily seen, and will fire in three burst shots. If the enemy hides behind cover, you'll know they are there due to a visual alert it provides.

Ultimate Killjoy Ability: Lockdown (7 Orb Points)

Killjoy valorant is an agent with a lot of map control and zoning potential. Her ultimate places a device that emits a bubble dome in a large radius after 13 seconds. While it can be destroyed by enemies with only a little bit of effort, it doesn't require line of sight to use and has a truly massive radius.

Valorant Agent Killjoy Lockdown Ability Showing Large Radius of Effect

Although Lockdown on agent Killjoy in Valorant serves as a great defensive ability, don’t underestimate its offensive potential. It can force enemies to retreat and relinquish a site right out from under them. The threat of being caught inside when it goes off causes most enemies to flee the bubble immediately.

More experienced players will hide it in places a new player may not think of, such as onto/behind props or under stairs. Some good places to hide Lockdown's emitter are behind the arches of Ascent's B site, or under Ascent's A Site. Enemies caught within the bubble will be slowed and unable to fight back for 8 seconds during which time they are easy targets for agent Killjoy's teammates.

Killjoy Valorant Agent Pros and Cons

Pros for Agent Killjoy

  • She excels as a defensive agent during Valorant matches.
  • Strong at defending teammates and pushing objectives, especially if protected by her turrets.
  • Powerful long range damage with the ability to get in close.
  • Surprisingly good team fight potential thanks to Turret and Nanoswarm.
  • Able to detect enemies without being in visual range, making her an excellent scout and counter to flanking agents.
  • Enemies will have to be wary of her invisible traps and may move more cautiously when she is in match.

    Cons for Agent Killjoy

    • Poor CC. She has a lot of utility, but beyond her Ult, she can't slow or incapacitate enemies.
    • Poor initiation on her own. Killjoy is best when the enemies stumble into her traps.
    • Agent Killjoy can't obscure vision. Paired with her poor initiation ability, she has a hard time tacking enemy agents on face-to-face.
    • In Valorant, Killjoy's gadgets can be taken out by careful enemies.

Unlocking Killjoy in Valorant

As with other unlockable agents in the game, Killjoy valorant must be acquired by purchasing or completing tiers to unlock her contract in the game. Once unlocked, you'll receive three sprays, two titles, one gun buddy, a player card and Killjoy.

Good Team Compositions to Feature Killjoy

Killjoy is best used with a few friends who will stick together. Her turrets and traps are good, but she needs backup to do her job well. Good allies for Killjoy in Valorant include other agents such as Sentinel and Smoker.

Summary and Final Thoughts on Killjoy in Valorant

Killjoy is one of the most powerful Valorant agents, and has a hard time being defeated alone. Her turrets are excellent weapons for covering objectives and protecting teammates from early flanks. You can even check out this great guide for Killjoy on Haven.

Every Valorant team can benefit from having Killjoy on their roster. She is an excellent defender and has great stats all around. Furthermore, she'll keep you safe in teamfights and help cover you from behind.

Killjoy Valorant Agent in Workshop

Her abilities are fairly simple to use, and a lot of her strength comes from how well you can position your turrets and other gadgets. Her Turret should be placed first on the map, behind cover and far away enough to avoid being destroyed while still getting line of sight. After you get comfortable with that, remember that you can always place a turret closer in confined spaces or to cover your rear.

Killjoy, like her other Valorant agents, buys her weapons from the shop between rounds, unlike crafting weapons in Destiny 2. Make sure to buy the appropriate weapons (or hold onto your gold) between rounds to stay ahead.

Use your turrets sparingly though if you think the enemy can kill them off quickly and won't let you get in position for another one. Its cooldown timer is too long to allow you to redeploy frequently in battle.

Lockdown should be used on objectives to cover your team and force enemies to move away from them. Be sure to place it far enough out of site so its not an easy target for enemies.

Since her abilities require a lot of preparation and good placement, agent killjoy in Valorant has significant difficulty using them in 1:1 duals. She is much better in a well-rounded team composition that can user her traps to help zone enemies and alert allies. Furthermore, she will be at a disadvantage to agents who specialize in destroying gadgets at range – such as Raze and Sova.

While Kiljoy will be a welcome addition to many Valorant teams, she isn't suited to every sitution. As always, coordinate with your teammates to pick the best team composition possible.

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