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Best Garen Skin in League of Legends

Published: May 2, 2020
Whirling Sword and Full Armor in Classic Garen Skin

Do you consider yourself a Garen main who wants to show off your incredible skills with an epic Garen skin? You’re in luck because we have gone through every Garen skin out there and ranked them from the lamest to the absolute best Garen skin. Your enemies will run scared from the Might of Demacia when you come charging at them with your new gear.

Garen is one of the most popular top lane champions in League of Legends. He does especially well in early ELOs where most players don’t know how to handle his spinning blade of death. He’s been a constant for a while now on our list of the best beginner champions.

Garen’s best ability is his passive, which allows him to continuously heal outside of combat. This allows him to stay in lane for a very long time and take risks that many other top lane champions wouldn’t. If you’re unfamiliar with him, we recommend you head over to our Garen build guide to get started. If you’re a Garen veteran looking for some new gear, you’re in the right place.

11. Sanguine Garen Skin (520 RP)

Garen’s Sanguine skin is a cheap and basic skin for Garen. It doesn’t come with any new effects, animations, or sound effects, but that’s the be expected for the small 520 RP cost. Still, it’s Garen’s most basic 520 RP skin. It’s effectively just a blue/chrome à reg/bronze color change. It’s pretty dull and quite a lot to pay for effectively a chroma alteration on his raw skin.

Sanguine Garen

We rarely recommend any of the 520 RP skins. They’re usually all too basic and not worth the money. This, unfortunately, is no exception.

10. Dreadknight Skin for Garen (975 RP)

Garen’s Dreadknight skin is a subtle change from his vanilla appearance. It’s well-executed and darker, but it’s still just a basic knight look, which is the same as his vanilla skin and the same as his Sanguine skin. For 975 RP, you can get much better.

Dreadknight Garen with Glowing Sword in a Frozen Wasteland

9. Desert Trooper Garen (520 RP)

While this skin is another 520 RP skin, it’s much better than his Sanguine skin. For one, there is much more detail built into the armor. If you don’t care about new animations, particles, effects, etc. in your skin, this is a pretty great steal.

8. Commando Garen (520 RP)

Garen’s commando skin is very old school. Created ten years ago, it still holds up well. If you’re a big fan of GI Joe or anything army, it’s a great skin. It’s also nice because it’s one of the few Garen skins that aren’t all about being a badass knight. For that reason, it won our top spot for 520 RP skins.

7. Rugged Garen Skin (750 RP)

Garen’s Rugged skin includes slight model changes to make him look more like a rogue than a knight. It’s a relatively basic skin, but if it suits your personality more than Garen’s super clean, noble, vanilla appearance, it may be worth getting for you. Garen’s Rogue Admiral skin is similar, but in our opinion, much better. So, for the same price, we recommend that Garen skin much more.

Great Garen Skin in the Forest with a Fantasy Vibe

6. Warring Kingdoms Garen (1350 RP)

We were a little torn on Garen’s Warring Kingdom skin. There are many changes. On the one hand, it does have a great green, glowing sword, and it adds some new particles for his whirlwind attack. There’s also a cool recall animation. However, it just seems poorly executed and mildly offensive.

Warring Kingdoms Garen Skin with Golden Armor and a Jade Sword

Garen’s voice is still of a gruff white man, and his appearance under his armor is still vanilla Garen. Yet, he’s dressed up like a legendary Chinese warrior. His costume clashes with his voice and appearance and just makes you think you’re watching the wrong character on screen.

Unless you love this art, we recommend moving on. There are much better Garen skins to choose from. His green sword is the only reason Warring Kingdoms made it this high on the list.

5. Rogue Admiral Garen Skin (750 RP)

This Garen skin doesn’t add any fancy new animations or particle effects. It’s just a very well executed costume and hair change for Garen, but it’s done so well, it beats out other skins with 2x RP cost. Garen looks badass with his silver hair and eye patch and will look great alongside Gangplank (if there was ever a good reason to bring both into the same fight on the same team). His sword is also replaced with an extra-long and intimidating rapier.

Rogue Admiral Costume for Garen

It’s a unique look, and we highly recommend it. It only didn’t place higher because it doesn’t include any new effects or animations.

4. Steel Legion Skin (1350 RP)

Steel Legion is a great. It keeps his noble knight appearance, but it tweaks it with a steampunk vibe. If that’s your cup of tea, you should get it. Garen keeps his giant bastard sword, but now it pulses with lightning when he uses his Q or E. Beyond that, there are new sound effects to emphasize the crackling lightning. His ultimate is also very charged.

Great Garen Skin Steel Legion with Lightning Arcing on Sword

We were a little disappointed with his recall animation, though. It doesn’t seem to have much new or exciting going for it. As far as Garen skins go, it’s great. However, for 1350 RP, we can’t recommend it over our top Garen skin.

Demacia Vice Garen (1350 RP)

Demacia Vice is a fun skin. It’s full of bright colors and humor. That’s it, though. If you want something badass or intimidating, this isn’t it. We especially like the glowing purple edge on his sword. When he goes into his whirlwind, the effect looks really nice.

Great Skin for Garen in LoL with Glowing Mic and Miami Vice Vibe

If you’re a silly player and want a skin that echoes how laid back you are, you should get this skin. If you’re a serious Garen main who wants to climb the ranks and showcase their skills with their skin, look to either of our top two skins coming up next.

2. Great Garen Skin: Mecha Kingdoms (1350 RP)

Garen’s Mecha Kingdoms skin is truly fantastic. It’s a very close second to our top pick. The only thing keeping it from #1 is just how amazing our top Garen skin pick really is.

If you choose this skin, you will look like you are at the helm of a giant mech warrior or Gundam. When you move quickly, you will even get little jets blasting off behind you to speed you on your way. Garen’s sword is also straight out of a 90s anime as well.

It’s a bright, vibrant, and impressive skin. We highly recommend it.

1. Best Garen Skin: God-King Garen (1820 RP)

This legendary skin easily wins the best Garen skin award. It adds many new and exciting VFX and model changes that enhance your gameplay experience. Garen is a noble knight, and this skin emphasizes that and takes it a step further, elevating him to a God-King.

In this skin, Garen gains a giant spirit wolf companion. And not a tiny wolf-like Kindred’s wolf. Garen’s wolf spirit is massive! What we like most about this skin is how well this wolf motif is integrated into all of his new animations. When Garen recalls, he ascends to a giant throne with his wolf companion. When he uses his Q, you hear the loud growl of his wolf. When he ults, his wolf bursts through the ground and devours his enemy. When Garen dies, his spirit leaves as a wolf and drifts away.

There’s nothing wrong with Garen’s God-King skin, and there are so many things going right for it. If you can afford the steep 1820 RP price, it’s everything you could hope for!

We hope you have enjoyed and found this review to find the best Garen skin useful. Check out some of our other great champion skin guides, such our best Jax skin review and our best Yuumi skins disccussion to round out your collection.

Images Courtesy of Riot Games.