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How to Build the Best Jade Team Composition in TFT

Published: July 27, 2022
Teamfight Tactics Jade Team Composition for TFT Players

With the Dragonlands set 7 of Teamfight Tactics release, there had to be some confusion among the less skilled audience of the game. Set 7 is one of the more complex sets released due to the many unique team compositions and the new factor in the game: Dragons.

Dragons are something unique that we haven’t been able to see before. While we have seen units that take two spaces on the field as they did in the previous set, where units with the Colossus trait have taken up two slots on the field, Dragons are much better. Not only do they take up a large amount of space on the board, but they also reward a player with three trait bonus active per dragon.

As you can see, this can become quite confusing even for some more experienced players, let alone newcomers, so we have decided to help you with some exciting guides about traits in Teamfight Tactics. On today’s menu is The Jade Trait and team composition guide for Teamfight Tactics!

Introduction to Playing a Jade Team Comp in TFT

The Jade Trait is one of the most beginner-friendly compositions in the game. Some might think that Jade units are on the weaker side, but it is quite the contrary. Jade trait is hot now; you can see it in every game. It’s because Jade units are available on lower levels, making a Jade team composition perfect for someone who is just starting the game and doesn’t know what to build.

The Jade team composition is packed with cheap units. Taric and Karma cost just one golden coin, and Ashe and Gnar only cost two gold coins. This is enough to get started since you only need three units on the field to activate the Jade trait.

How Jade Statues Help Your Jade Team Composition

The Jade Trait is based on the Jade statues that have two characteristics. The first characteristic of the Jade statue is that it heals the surrounding units around the statue while giving them the bonus attack speed. This can come in handy, especially in long fights and later stages where the battle or even the game can be decided with a difference of just 10 hp on a champion. The second characteristic of the Jade statue is that it explodes when destroyed, damaging the enemy champions in the surrounding area and possibly winning you a game!

Well, I think you know enough to get started. Now is the time to move on and learn about the Jade trait in detail and the units that carry this trait.

The Jade Trait in Teamfight Tactics

Summon movable Jade Statues that grow in power. Each combat, allies adjacent to a statue gain Attack Speed and maximum Health healing every 2 seconds. When a statue is destroyed, it deals 33% of its Health as magic damage to nearby enemies. As a result, they’re great defensively and offensively. Here’s how the numbers work:

  • 3: 1 statue, +2% healing, +20% Attack Speed
  • 6: 2 statues, +5% healing, +40% Attack Speed
  • 9: 3 statues, +8% healing, +60% Attack Speed
  • 12: 4 statues, +25% healing, +100% Attack Speed

Jade TFT Champions

The champions will be listed according to their respective in-game price.


Taric Jade Champion in TFT

Taric is a one gold cost unit available at the start of the game, and it is guaranteed to see him on the starting carousel. If you go for the Jade team composition, it is only logical to go for a Jade unit.

Depending on the item that Taric has on him, you should go for him or Karma. Taric carries Jade and Guardian traits, but he is much more critical in a Jade composition than a Guardian one since Guardian composition is not that easy to pull off. Moreover, it takes some extra skill to execute.

Taric is very important in the Jade team composition since he helps you start the game and activate the Jade trait very early. He is not a very strong unit by any means, but he is pretty valuable in the earlier stages of the game due to his tankiness and ability to take a lot of aggro. He is also a unit that will be quite easy to level up if you have the opportunity since he isn’t played that much.

It is important to note that Taric is not that strong nor a fundamental unit in this composition, so you shouldn’t use any items on him. Rather, you should save your items for late-game units that can benefit a lot more from them.

Taric's Ability in TFT - Bastion

Taric grants himself and his closest ally a protective rune that increases Armor for 4 seconds.


Karma Jade Hero in Teamfight Tactics

Another champion in Jade composition that is among the cheapest bunch in the game is Karma. Karma costs only one gold, the same as Taric, and can also be found on the starting carousel. She is alongside Taric, a great pick that can help you activate the Jade trait early on. Apart from being a Jade unit, she is also a Dragonmancer. Still, unlike Taric, she is helpful in both compositions since the Dragonmancer composition is one of the most played in the game. Furthermore, it is not as hard to execute as the Guardian composition.

That being said, Karma is still quite a cheap champion that has decent power when taken into account that she is quite affordable, but like Taric, you shouldn’t place any items on her since they can be a lot more useful on champions like Anivia.

The important thing to note is that Karma won’t be easy to level up to the maximum level like Taric is since she is in high demand. This isn't an Astral TFT build, you won't have tons of 3-star champions at games. You can usually expect that at least one player in the game will go for the Dragonmancer composition, so you shouldn’t bother to level her up more than level two.

Karma should be placed behind the front row units since later in the game, she won’t have any significant damage to contribute to the team, and you will benefit a lot more if she dies at the start of combat.

Karma's Ability is Inner Flame

Karma fires a burst of energy towards her target, dealing magic damage in a small area around the first enemy hit.


Ashe with her purple and teal bow in the forest

Coming onto champions that cost two gold coins, the first is Ashe. She's not strong in this composition as in previous sets, but she's okay due to her low price. The early game units in Jade composition are useful since they receive a considerable bonus when The Jade statue is on the field.

As Ashe is a bit more costly champion than Karma and Taric, there are fewer of them in the champion pool, making her a bit harder to level up. Her second trait, apart from the Jade one, is Swiftshot, and I haven’t seen too many people play that composition simply because it’s pretty challenging to execute, and the champions aren’t very strong. But it can be helpful as a secondary composition. She is also a Dragonmancer and picked a lot for Dragonmancer team comps.

As she is on the weaker part of the spectrum, you shouldn’t use any items on Ashe, unless you plan to have Swiftshot as your secondary composition for your Jade composition. Now, this rule has some exceptions, so if you receive items like Runnan’s Hurricane and Giant Slayer, then Ashe is the only champion that can work with those, and you should go for it.

Ashe is a ranged champion, so she is always ideally placed in the back rows of the field.

Ashe's Ability - Volley

Ashe fires a volley of arrows, dealing magic damage to each enemy hit and slowing their Attack Speed by 25% for seconds.


Gnar is a shapeshifting Jade Champ in Teamfight Tactics

Gnar is a champion with decent strength and durability in the game. His secondary trait is Shapeshifter. This can come in handy if you have another Shapeshifter on the field since they both will receive bonus health once they turn into their secondary form.

You shouldn’t have too much problem when it comes to leveling Gnar up since Shapeshifters aren’t that commonly played. That is, of course, if you do not have another Jade player in the game. Then you will have a problem with leveling up, not only Gnar but every other unit as well.

Gnar may not be a high cost unit, but he can bring some sustain to the team. So if you have any tanky items on hand like Redemption, Titan’s Resolve, or Warmog’s armor, then you should use them on Gnar.

Place him in the first row so you can allow your damage-dealing units to gather mana while Gnar takes all the aggro.

Ability - Mega Gnar

Gnar transforms into Mega Form, jumping to his target and knocking up nearby enemies for 1 second. Gnar also gains Attack Damage and Armor.


Anivia is the best unit in the Jade composition in my opinion. She will also be your prime damage dealer apart from Shi oh Yu. She carries 3 traits under her name, and apart from the Jade trait, the others are Legend and Evoker traits.

She is pretty strong and can deal massive amounts of magic damage to her opponents even on level two if she is equipped with solid items.

TFT Anivia for a Jade Team Comp

I wouldn’t have my hopes up when it comes to leveling Anivia on the maximum level due to her being a somewhat costly champion. But you might even make that happen with a bit of luck and a good TFT economy.

She will benefit the most from items like Blue Buff, Hextech Gunblade, and Morellnomicon. Still, my favorite is Guinsoo’s Rageblade since it will allow her to cast her ultimate a crazy number of times while dealing tons of damage.

You should place her in a corner surrounded by other units and statues since she is the champion that should stay alive the most.

Anivia's TFT Ability is Prismatic Storm

Anivia summons a prismatic storm around her target, dealing magic damage over 3 seconds. Enemies in the storm have their Magic Resist reduced by 40%.


Neeko is a strong champion that carries a Shapeshifter and Jade trait. She does fall a little bit behind in terms of damage, considering her cost of 4 gold coins. Yet, Neeko does compensate for this with her ability, takes the stats of other champions, and adds them to her own, but this is only useful if you have some high-level champions with full items on the field. But in the Jade composition, that doesn’t matter much since she will activate the Shapeshifter trait bonus when paired on the field with Gnar.

Neeko is a champion that costs a lot, so I wouldn’t bet on leveling her up to her maximum level. Still, a Neeko level two can do severe damage if you have any AP items to spare, like Rabbadon’s Deathcap and the Jeweled Gauntlet.

Neeko is a shapeshifting hero great for this kind of team composition

She is ideally placed next to a champion you want her to take the form of. That champion will be Shi Oh Yu if you manage to get a hold of him or Anivia because she will take some of her stats and add them to her own.

Ability - Inherent Glamour

Each Combat: Neeko disguises herself as the nearest allied champion, adding their bonus Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Ability Power to her own and copying all other stats except Health. She then gains a shield for 15 plus 10% of her ally’s Health. When the shield breaks, she transforms into Neeko Form and casts Pop Blossom, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Neeko then casts Pop Blossom every 100 Mana.

Shi Oh Yu

The bread and butter of The Jade composition is our only Dragon on the team. That is Shi Oh Yu. Apart from The Jade and Dragon traits, he is also a Mystic, which can come in handy in the game's final stages when combined with Bard. Shy Oh Yu is the unit that costs the most in this composition, but we will place him around the four gold costing units since his in-game ribbon is pink, meaning he is considered a four gold costing unit. But since he takes two spaces on the field, he costs twice as much.

What sets Shi Oh Yu apart from the rest of the bunch is that he brings three more Jade traits in the game, meaning for the price of one champion and two places on the field, you get three more Jades once he is on the field.

Jade Dragon for Teamfight Tactics Team Composition

He is a front-line unit, which works the best with Titan’s Resolve and Warmog’s Armor, but you will not make a mistake if you equip him with Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, or Blue Buff. He is quite a versatile unit that can work with almost every item in the game. No wonder, but you get what you pay for.

When it comes to leveling Shi Oh Yu to the maximum level, that is almost impossible unless you have three loaded dices on hand late in the game and around 80 gold to spare. Needless to say, this is a rare sight, but if you manage to do that, it is a guaranteed victory for you.

Ability - Jade Rush

Shi Oh Yu enters Jade stance, gaining damage reduction, immunity to crowd control, and empowering her next 3 attacks with special effects that deal X damage. Attack 1: Deals X physical damage and stuns the target for 1 second. Attack 2: Deals X true damage. Attack 3: Ends the stance, dealing X physical damage to all enemies in a line and knocking them up for 1 second.


Being the most expensive unit in our TFT Jade team composition, Soraka definitely brings some bling to the party. She is an excellent pick that rounds up the composition with her incredible healing. With the healing received from the statues, and items that your champions are equipped with, Soraka is there to win the game. On level one she is, like every other champion, useless, but if you manage to get her to level two, let alone three, you are in line for a show.

Soraka using her 5 start ability in Team Fight Tactics

Soraka should be placed somewhere safe, tucked alongside Anivia so she can stay alive as long as possible. Ideally, Soraka and Anivia should be the last ones to go, and if you execute everything perfectly, the enemy shouldn’t even have to reach them in the first place.

Apart from the Jade trait, Soraka brings a unique trait of her own to the game.


The first Starcaller to cast their Ability heals you for 2/4/100, depending on their star level.

The ‘you’ in Soraka’s trait is meant for the player, so she can make your life points climb! Very innovative Riot, applause!

The best items for Soraka are Spear of Shojin and Blue Buff!

Soraka's 5-Star Jade Ability (Wish) Can Save Your Entire Jade Team Comp

Passive: While any ally is below % Health, Soraka gains 15 mana per attack.

Active: Soraka calls down a shower of stars. Allies are healed each time a star hits them.

Jade TFT Team Comp Guide

Early Game Guide to Building a Jade Team Comp in Teamfight Tactics

In the game's earliest stages, you should focus on acquiring as many cheap units as possible. And not only that, but you should try to level them up to level two asap. This is so you can secure a Jade trait bonus so your units stand a chance against some more aggressive cheap units.

I wouldn’t count on great results early in the game since you will save your items for your late-game units and since your units aren’t that damage-focused in the game's earliest stages.

Gnar and Ashe should be on the field. While Taric is the better sustain choice, Karma will deal more damage, so in the first three levels, choose the one which suits your playstyle the most.

Since 6 Jades are far apart, you should consider placing some Guardians, or Shapeshifters on the field along with your Jade units, but you will sell these as the game progresses.

Mid Game - Getting Your Core Team Built

Mid-game is when you reach level 5. This is the time to buy Anivia. Place the best AP and mana items on her. Then, tuck her in safely, so she is safe from harm’s way. This is also the time to get Neeko if your economy allows you to. The best choice is not to reroll until you get Anivia in the shop. Then you should reroll a couple of times, and save the gold for Shi Oh Yu and Soraka.

Late Game Jade TFT Build

Chances are, you are unlikely to pull 12 Jades in one game, but 9 Jades are completely viable to pull off. Once you get Shi Oh Yu and Soraka, you should Remove Karma from the team and replace her with Bard. This way, you will have 9 Jades, 2 Shapeshifters, 2 Mystics, 1 Starcaller, 1 Dragon, 1 Bard, and 1 Guild on your team. Your bonuses will be the following:

  • Jade: 3 statues, +8% healing, +60% Attack Speed
  • Shapeshifter: 90% maximum Health after transformation
  • Mystic: 50 Magic Resist for your team
  • Starcaller: The first Starcaller to cast their Ability heals you for 2/4/100, depending on their star level.
  • Dragon: 700 hp for your Dragon
  • Bard: Allies that survive player combat have a 20% chance to create a Doot. Bard always creates a Doot when dancing. Each Doot you collect increases your Shop odds by 1% for tiers 3, 4, and 5.
  • Guild: +2 Mana per attack for Bard

Wrapping Our Our Guide on How to Build the Best Jade Teamp Composition Every Time

And there it is! Our Jade team build guide for Teamfight Tactics is done! We hope that with this TFT guide, you can get a grip on the complex compositions in the new TFT set. Once you have played a couple of games, you will get the hang of it and become a master of The Jade Team Composition in Teamfight Tactics!

Also, if you are just getting started with TFT, our Teamfight Tactics beginners guide will help you out a lot. Feel free to check it out!

Images Courtesy of Riot Games.