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League of Legends Coaching Services: In-Depth Guide and Review

Published: May 3, 2021
Guy who found a league of legends coaching service to help him get better at LoL

If you want to be great at League of Legends, there’s only so much you can do on your own. You can watch videos, read guides, study champions builds, and review your own replays. Yet, without the feedback of a very experienced player (or professional), you will just spin your wheels. If you want to get better quickly or find yourself hard stuck in your current LoL tier, this LoL coaching guide is here for you.

In this guide, we will start off by describing what personalized League of Legends coaching is and who could most benefit from it. Then, we will provide you with detailed and unbiased comparisons of the available LoL coaching services available to you. If you would like to skip directly to one of the coaching services, feel free to use the Table of Contents, below.

How Can a Personal League of Legends Coach Help Me?

Personal coaches are highly experienced LoL players. Many of them are Master+ tier players. Some LoL coaches are even active or former professional League players who played on the World’s stage.

A personal League coach will work with you individually to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and goals in order to develop a concrete action plan and training regimen. They will work with you to make sure you get better at League of Legends.

Personal coaching is not free; however, the price may be much lower than you were expecting. We have included their current pricing structures when available in our in-depth review of each League of Legends coaching services.

Why Should I Use a League of Legends Coaching Service?

Working with a professional coach can help you learn valuable insights and tactics that you may not have considered otherwise. Many have played hundreds or even thousands of times more games than you have. They have seen just about everything and they know what works best and what doesn’t.

eSports Competitive Gamer in a Stadium Coaching LoL Team

Players looking to get in on the rapidly growing, billion-dollar competitive gaming industry should seriously consider League of Legends coaching services if they aren’t already receiving one-on-one mentoring.

Another great reason to sign up for individual coaching is that it’s just so much more fun to play the game when you’re dominating 😈.

If you want to jump-start your climb up the League ranking ladder, you need to find a knowledgeable and helpful LoL coaching service. Consider this: If you wanted to master any other skill quickly, wouldn’t you look for the best resources available to help you?

Sill unsure if using an LoL coaching service is for you? Most of the services we highlight below offer single lessons or a trial period so you can try them out without a commitment.

League of Legends Coaching Services

We highly recommend each of the personalized coaching services shown here. When you are reviewing each one, pay careful attention to their coaching philosophies and who they are best suited to coach.

Our goal is to help you find the right mentor to help you improve your gameplay and reach your goals.

Gamer Sensei

Gamer Sensei is one of the biggest names in eSports coaching. In fact, they’ve coached more than 100,000 players worldwide. Gamer Sensei prides themselves on their ability to consistently deliver high-quality coaching in a very safe environment.

Gamer Sensei Logo

What is Gamer Sensei’s Coaching philosophy?

Gamer Sensei believes in Performance Style Coaching. They believe that a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle will result in large improvements to in-game performance. They encourage players to eat well, rest, and enjoy life both inside and outside of gaming.

Gamer Sensei also believes that emotional maturity is key to success in eSports. In addition to teaching players better tactics and mechanical skills, they focus on their ability to handle loss and problems without it negatively impacting their performance.

Who is Gamer Sensei Best Suited to Coach?

If you are looking for a well-structured and high-quality League of Legends coaching experience, Gamer Sensei will be a good fit for you. They mentor casual players all the way through aspiring eSports professionals.

Beyond that, Gamer Sensei places a lot of importance on safety and creating a learning environment conducive to learning. They perform thorough background checks on all of their coaches. Furthermore, their coaches teach players how to have a healthy relationship with eSports without picking up bad habits. Parents should feel their children are safe in Gamer Sensei’s hands.

In addition to individual sessions more focused on mechanical skills and map awareness, this LoL coaching service also offers team sessions to help aspiring eSports teams learn to communicate better with each other. Through either individual or team sessions, they will show you how to get better at LoL.

Notable League of Legends Coaches Working with Gamer Sensei

Gamer Sensei has partnered with several professional League coaches and players. As a Gamer Sensei customer, you can sign-up for individual coaching sessions with these professionals.

NicoThePico is Coaching a League of Legends Team during an eSports Tournament

Currently, you can sign up for training with NicoThePico, Veteran, and MindGamesWeldon. NicoThePico coached for the primary and academy Fnatic teams as well as Origen and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Veteran coached for H2k-Gaming and Schalke 04. He is also a current Fnatic streamer. MindGamesWeldon coached Counter Logic Gaming and has also worked with TSM, G2 Esports, and Copenhagen Wolves).

All of these coaches have extensive experience working with professional eSports organizations. They can definitely help you jumpstart your coaching journey!


Gamer Sensei has tiered pricing based on the skill level of the LoL coach you engage with. Standard lessons aimed at new players are $19.99 per hour. Advanced lessons for more intermediate skill League players cost $29.99/hour, while expert lessons intended more for experienced LoL players cost $44.99 per hour.

Their legendary LoL coaches are priced in the $100 – $200 per hour range. They are intended mostly for aspiring players looking to potentially compete at a professional level. Though, they would also be of great value for less skilled players who want to jump-start their learning path.

Interesting Anecdote about Gamer Sensei

Gamer Sensei is using its large presence to help positively shape the future of eSports through more close partnerships with colleges and other local institutions. You may see a Gamer Sensei event coming to you soon.

If you are interested in learning more about Gamer Sensei, you should go check out their website, here.


Elventus is relatively new to the coaching scene, yet they offer some of the highest quality League coaching services available. The company was founded by Eric Lay, who has been a Top 50 Challenger Tier player and former ranked eSports coach. He knows what it takes to reach the highest competitive scene in League of Legends and aims to help you reach it too.

Elventus Logo

What is Elventus' Coaching Philosophy?

Elventus believes that excellence in gaming can catalyze positive change in the lives of their players by empowering them with the tools and mindset they need to live a better life.

For instance, they even provide ongoing support from a sport’s psychologist with their top-tier LoL coaching plans. They do this to ensure your mindset improves along with your technical skills. They also thoroughly vet and train their own coaches to only deliver top-quality coaching solutions to their clients.

Elventus also believes in developing in their mentees a deep understanding of the game. They believe that stats and all-purpose coaching only get you so far. The coaches at Elventus want their players to think critically about each game and respond to each match appropriately. Their players will learn how to customize their builds, strategy, and tactics to each situation.

Elventus coach Eric Lay coaching a League of Legends student how to position in the mid lane

Who is Elventus Best Suited to Coach?

Elventus is best suited for players that have long-term aspirations to make significant improvements in their League rank and want to engage with a professional coaching service to do so.

While Elventus could likely provide short-term coaching services, they are more suited for longer engagements. They will work with you to identify your current problem areas and develop a path to improvement.

To help you succeed, they provide custom-tailored coaching plans along with interim assignments. Their methods are designed to help you improve both during and between sessions. Further, they have fostered an active Discord community to encourage players to work together to help each other improve.

LoL Coach Academy

LoL Coach Academy is run and operated by one man: Dylan. Dylan personalizes his League coaching service to meet the individual needs of each of his coaching students. Furthermore, he is committed to supporting their long-term development.

LoL Coach Academy Logo

Dylan has been at (or above) Diamond tier for the past four seasons of League. In 2019, he began his League of Legends coaching journey. After mentoring many of his friends and seeing them succeed, he realized he had a knack for LoL coaching and began to offer his knowledge and guidance to others.

While LoL Coach Academy is run by one man, it’s not a small operation. Over the past couple of years, Dylan has provided personalized coaching and guidance to hundreds of LoL players.

What is LoL Coach Academy’s Coaching Philosophy?

LoL Coach Academy believes that to develop, players must be accountable for their own development. Players should own both their successes and failures. If you don’t own your failures, you won’t be able to move past them to get better. Moreover, making real improvements takes time, consistency, and dedication.

Furthermore, LoL Coach Academy believes that players should be coached to improve from a mentor that knows the tier in which they are playing. They believe that one size does not fit all.

New players to the game can benefit most from someone who remembers and understands their issues. For instance, in help finding the best beginner champions for new League players.

LoL Coach Academy understands that gameplay in Silver tier is very different from Challenger tier or even from Platinum tier. Dylan spends about a third of his time smurfing in Bronze – Platinum tiers so he knows how best to mentor each skill level.

League of Legends Tournament Being Held by LoL Coach Academy

Who is LoL Coach Academy Best Suited to Coach?

If you are looking for a very personalized League of Legends coaching service that will tailor your lessons to your specific skill level and goals, you should seriously consider reaching out to LoL Coach Academy.

If you sign up for their coaching service, Dylan will identify all of your pain points, assess your commitment to reaching your ranked goal,l and then give both unpaid and paid coaching recommendations based on what would work best for your learning style and financial situation.

LoL Coach Academy prefers to coach players up through Diamond tier.

Does LoL Coach Academy Offer Additional League of Legends Training Services Beyond 1:1 Coaching?

Yes. LoL Coach Academy offers a variety of additional LoL coaching and training services beyond their personalized 1:1 coaching. The rates for these additional services seem to be very reasonable. These include:

  • Profile Reviews ($9.99): Ideal for self-motivated players looking for expert coaching advice on areas of focus for further improvement. Dylan will perform a thorough review of your match history. He will then lay out a step-by-step strategy of exactly what champions, role(s), and improvement areas you need to focus on based on your goal rank.
  • Game/VOD Reviews ($29.99): The best choice for players that know they need to improve but are having trouble identifying their problem areas from their gameplay. Dylan will perform a very thorough review of one or more of your gameplay videos over the course of 1.5 – 2 hours. He will help you identify what you did wrong and how to improve.
  • Untiltable Academy ($29.99 for Lifetime Access | Introductory Courses are Free): Best for players who are self-disciplined, have a clear goal, and are driven to achieve the goal, not just dream about it but actually take action to make it a reality.

Their Untiltable Academy is an online course that will teach you how to set your own goals and achieve them. Furthermore, it has lessons and training videos that will teach you the most important tactics, strategies, and techniques to get better.

League of Legends Gaming Session Where Players are Practing to Get Better at LoL

Interesting Anecdote

LoL Coach Academy believes if you always know the answer to this question, you will never need a coach: “What could I have done differently in this situation?” With so many free online resources, you can find the answer to almost any question.

The difficulty for developing players is in identifying what they did wrong. With Dylan’s extensive experience, he will help you identify your problem areas so you can begin to answer this question for yourself.

If you are interested in the personalized LoL coaching services offered by Dylan through LoL Coach Academy, you can sign up for a profile review on his website or reach out to him over Discord at Dylan-LCA#0129.

If you are on the fence and want to observe one of his previous League coaching sessions before reaching out, you can review one here.

AI-Based League Coaching Services

In addition to personalized, one-on-one coaching, there are a small number of AI-based League of Legends coaching services for you to choose from. The benefits of AI-based coaching usually include: 1) significantly reduced cost, 2) ability to review all of your match history, 3) services in many more languages, and 4) availability of advice between coaching sessions.

AI Coach for League of Legends Touching their Robotic Finger to their Head with a Burst of Light Behind Them

The downside of AI-powered solutions is that most of these services haven’t yet built up to their full potential. What we have seen so far impresses us, and it will only get better. Feel free to check out these alternative coaching solutions for LoL.


ClipHero is providing an interesting take on League of Legends coaching. They are utilizing AI review of your gameplay videos to identify what you should focus on most in order to improve.

ClipHero Logo

They are still in beta testing phases while they refine their AI’s understanding of the game. However, their concept and roadmap are very promising.

Players will be able to automatically stream their LoL games to ClipHero’s servers. In this way, their clients will be able to get automatic feedback from their AI within minutes of their live game having finished without having to individually upload anything. This gives players instant feedback while the match is still fresh in their minds and they are able to make positive changes to their gameplay before the next round begins.

What is ClipHero’s Coaching Philosophy?

ClipHero believes that getting great at video games is no different than perfecting any other skill or sport. Even with fantastic coaches and mentors available for periodic lessons, they believe that most learning and development happens between lessons. Their AI-based LoL coach focuses on helping you improve between lessons through instant feedback and repetition.

As it is complementary to professional coaching, ClipHero’s League of Legends coaching method may work particularly well as an augment to other 1:1 personal coaching services, listed above.

ClipHero AI Being Used to Help Players Learn To Play Better in League of Legends

Who is ClipHero Most Suited to Coach?

Their coaching solution may best be suited for players at the Gold tier and below who make relatively obvious mistakes that can be easily identified by their AI. On the horizon is more informed advice, even potentially help with jungle pathing in League of Legends.

Furthermore, ClipHero would be a good solution for players who are looking for instant feedback, 24/7. It may also be a more cost-effective League of Legends Coaching service for those who want some kind of review of their gameplay but who don’t want to pay for a coach’s time to review entire matches.

Some other AI-based solutions will review your League gameplay or your match summary stats to provide suggestions. While this is somewhat similar to ClipHero, where ClipHero shines is in using your own videos to help you learn, not just stats. This may be particularly useful for those who are more visual learners.

ClipHero helps their users understand their chances of winning so they can improve when they identify what they've done wrong

Players at higher tier levels who make more subtle mistakes or who lost primarily due to mechanical skill deficiencies may not be best served with the current iteration of their AI. However, as their AI continues to learn, it will likely only get better and more useful to higher-skilled players.

Notable League of Legends Coaches at ClipHero

ClipHero doesn’t yet have any partnerships with professional or semi-professional League of Legends coaches.

ClipHero's Pricing

While they are still beta testing their product, ClipHero is providing free access to their AI-based LoL coaching service. Since it’s currently free, there’s no commitment needed. Feel free to head over to their site and request beta access.

Interesting Anecdote

ClipHero has plans to provide both live 1:1 League coaching in addition to AI-based gameplay suggestions. This may be a particularly potent combination, especially in its ability to provide up-to-date guidance to your coach on how you have improved between sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about ClipHero’s service, you can head over to or join their Discord community at

Gosu AI

Gosu AI aims to provide an in-game voice assistant to help guide you through your decision-making process. They provide rune optimizations before the game has started and item suggestions and skill upgrade sequences during the game.

Gosu AI Logo

Who is Gosu AI Most Suited to Coach?

In its current form, Gosu AI only provides relatively basic advice. Furthermore, that advice appears to be mostly fixed and doesn’t seem to react much to the current state of the game.

The beginner advice (for instance to buy control wards often) is solid, but once you have heard the script, there’s not much else to learn. Gosu AI’s in-game voice assistant is best for new players who want in-game guidance while they play.

Players who have made it to ranked gameplay likely won’t benefit much from the advice of the in-game assistant. Gosu AI also provides some useful after-match summary information. Players of all skill levels may benefit from this.

Gosu AI has incredible promise. What they are trying to do is very challenging. Furthermore, they are providing a completely free service right now. So there’s really no reason to complain.

Once they refine their natural language processing capabilities and expand their suggestions to respond more to what you are actually doing in-game, Gosu AI could be a very powerful LoL coach. However, at this time, it’s more of an LoL basics trainer than a League of Legends coach that helps you continuously develop.

Does the Gosu AI Voice Assistant Understand You?

In short, not really. In our testing, the AI was able to translate voice-to-text with decent accuracy. However, Gosu wasn’t able to understand what that translated text meant.

Voice Assistant Coach in LoL Making Sound Waves in Blue As They Speak

For instance, asking it in a clear voice during a match “What should I buy next?” returned the response: “Yes I think you should! Hiking is a great way to get outdoors.” Other attempts to ask it for advice all resulted in other non-sensical answers.

Can You Understand Gosu AI?

Their voice assistant spoke clearly in English. They also appear to support a number of other common languages for non-English speakers. However, it does have issues with League of Legends’ specific terminology.

For instance, it will pronounce “Ult” as if it was an acronym: “U L T”. We hope that they can customize the voice assistant and help it learn to pronounce common League of Legends terms better, in the future.

Gosu AI Pricing

Their voice assistant is completely free, yet it appears that they do offer a paid membership tier that provides more access to new features and developers.

We tried to reach out to Gosu AI on a few occasions to help us clarify their roadmap and vision for coaching LoL players, but we didn’t receive a response. All we had to go on for this review was our personal experience using their product. If you have had a different experience using Gosu AI or represent Gosu AI and feel that this review doesn’t accurately reflect its capabilities, please feel free to reach out to us at admin[@]

What if I am Not Ready to Be Coached?

If you want to improve at LoL, but you aren’t ready to sign up for a League of Legends coaching service, there are plenty of online guides and training videos. We have great builds, stats, and counters for every champion in League of Legends. There are also great guides available from others on the web you can find by searching on Google.

Another great resource for League players can be community Discord servers. Discord servers tend to host very friendly and engaged player communities. If you're just getting started with Discord or especially if you want to start your own player community, check out this great Discord server guide for more details on how to get started with it. Discord is completely free and easy to use.

How Can I Become a League of Legends Coach?

If you are interested in coaching for League of Legends personally, you should definitely reach out to one of the above companies. Many have pages dedicated to aspiring coaches to help them get signed up with their service.

We hope you can use this guide to help you evaluate each League of Legends coaching service to find the company whose coaching philosophy aligns most closely with your own.

LoL World Cup Tournament Where the Best Players Who Have Practiced and Trained in League Compete with Eachother

What to Do if You Provide League of Legends Coaching and Want to Be Included in this Review

If you operate a League of Legends coaching service and want to be featured here, please reach out to us at admin[@] We don’t take payments and won’t just republish your marketing material.

We will be happy to discuss your LoL coaching service with you to arrive at the most accurate and complete characterization of your offering as possible. Our goal is to help players find the right League of Legends coaching service for them.