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Nocturne Skins Review: Look Great while Slaying

Published: April 28, 2021
Elderwood Nocturne Skins Holding Target with Fear

Are you looking for a new skin for your favorite champion? Nocturne has some of the best skins in League right now. Several Nocturne skins fit his dark and dangerous personality perfectly and can make playing with him so much more fun. We’ll review every Nocturne skin available from the worst to the very best. You’re sure to find a new Nocturne skin to terrify and fear your enemies 😈!

Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare, is a terrifying assassin who excels at taking out carries and causing constant map pressure on the enemy team. We’ll be digging deeply into Nocturne’s skins in this post. Check out these other guides if you’re interested in learning more about how to play Nocturne or how to build Nocturne.

Nocturne Skins Review

9. Classic Nocturne (Free)

Although the basic Nocturne skin is rated low, it’s by no means a bad skin on its own. His dark, shadow, blood-red claws, and pulsing blue “fear beams” (😅, not sure of a better name for them) clearly show him off as a terrifying champion to avoid.

Ravager Skin for Nocturne with Whisps of Smoke Coming From His Back

8. Ravager Nocturne (520 RP)

The Ravager Nocturne skin is just a simple color enhancement. It adds some cooler colors (making him wear a gold suit with blue claws. instead of his traditional black and red, but it’s only a slight improvement.

One thing that we really like is the whispy gold smoke that comes out from behind him when he moves. Additionally, when he ults, he glows an awesome pink and dark blue, which makes him pop a little bit.

7. Void Nocturne (520 RP)

Void Nocturne is another simple color skin revamp. When he isn’t doing anything, he looks a little muted and basic. However, he sometimes glows with a dark purple light that really looks cool against his other muted tones. His fear beams are a dark black with pulsing dark purple energy coming off of them.

6. Haunting Nocturne (520 RP)

The wallpaper for the Haunting Nocturne skin is kind of goofy. It doesn’t look very terrifying 😜. However, this Noc skin looks great in the game. He’s like an undead Assassin’s Creed nightmare! The one thing we don’t really like is that it’s a very monotone color scheme with just varying levels of glowing teal.

Haunting Nocturne Skin Looking Like a Ghost in a Pumpkin Patch

Haunting Noc also has some pretty great skin effects. In particular, we really like the way his Duskblade works. He shoots out a grasping, ethereal claw to rake his foes. It looks a bit like Mordekaiser’s pull and looks pretty sweet.

5. Frozen Terror Nocturne (975 RP)

Frozen Nocturne’s skin really revamps his look and feel and brings new life to him. It’s also a cool departure from most other Nocture skins. While most other Nocturne skins are very dark and brooding, this one is relatively bright with almost no black visible. Instead, his blades shine with glowing inner blue light, as if they were enchanted blades of ice. He also gains some pretty cool gold embossed armor.

His Duskblade is a bit silly though, as it creates patches of glittery snow. It’s a little too playful for Nocturne and is the only reason this Noc skin doesn’t rank much higher in this list.

4. Cursed Revenant Nocturne (750 RP)

This skin is maybe the most original of all of the Nocturne skins, and it just looks awesome!! His typical smooth blades are replaced by a series of sharp spikes. He wears a cowel and takes on the personality of a disturbed executioner or other vengeful wraith. When he recalls, his spikes glow a pretty cool, deep red.

Unique Looking Cursed Revenant Noc Skin

We wish that this had been a pricier skin so it would also have extra animations. While there are some small visual tweaks when he uses his abilities, it’s basically just a really awesome vanilla skin revamp.

3. Elderwood Nocturne (1350 RP)

This is a fantastic skin. Nocturne takes the form of an evil, processed, tree spirit. It looks like branches are woven around his arms, with his blades coming out of this growth. We also really like the new color scheme that comes with Elderwood Nocturne. It has a lot of dark purple, blue, and black. However, we’d have liked a bit more glowing effects to make it pop more. For instance, maybe on the edges of his blades.

He gets some cool new effects for his abilities. For instance, his Duskblade creates a patch of blighted ground; it’s good, but not great. Furthermore, his fear beams look like the shadows of thorny vines reaching out for his target. When he recalls, he has a cool, subtle effect of changing a lively white butterfly in a dark, blighted one.

Best Nocturne Chroma

While this is a Nocturne skins review, we thought we’d dip our toe into reviewing one of his chromas, as well. The Elderwood Nocturne skin has some really great chromas. We personally prefer the Pearl Elderwood chroma. The stark white looks like bone and just makes him look even creepier. The other Noc chromas are great, though. If you want to run with Elderwood Noc, check the others out!

Best Noc Chroma is White with Glowing Sword Arms

2. Hextech Nocturne (Hextech Crafting Only - 10 Gems)

Hextech is the runner-up in our Nocturne skins review. Being only available from Hextech crafting makes it a very rare skin as well, for those who like to only run legacy and other rare skins. With this skin, Nocturne grabs some sleek, cool armor and some impressive glowing blades. He also gains a completely unnecessary but awesome holographic cape 🧐. There are also some great particle effect additions to help enrich it.

Steam Punk Themed Nocturne Skin is Great with Noc Hovering over a Woman with a Hextech Chest

Lastly, his splash screen is one of the coolest in the game. If you haven’t seen it, check it out right here!

1. Best Nocturne Skin: Eternum Nocturne (1820 RP)

Eternum Nocturne is just so cool 😎🤩😎! With this Nocturne skin, you will smoothly glide and twist through the air as a brightly glowing red spirit. Combined with his gunmetal cage, this is easily the coolest looking Nocturne skin available. Even his eyes shoot out red beams as if piercing through a subtle mist.

All of Nocturne’s abilities also gained a significant boost to their appearance with great particle effect additions. It’s hard to cover all of the great new additions and tweaks, so check out the video below to see the great visual and auditory improvements that come with our top-rated Nocturne skin.

We really hope you’ve enjoyed our best Nocturne skins review. Please leave us a comment below if you agree or disagree with our ratings. What do you hope to see in the next Nocturne skin? Could Riot really do any better than Eternum??

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Images Courtesy of Riot Games.