Akshan Win Rate and Stats

LoL Akshan Stats and Win Rate

Champion Statistics and Meta Breakdown for Akshan in LoL

240,202 Akshan Matches Analyzed

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To generate these Akshan statistics, we analyzed 240,202 recent competitive LoL rounds with them chosen. We pull ranked game results directly from Riot's servers. This allows us to be very confident in our Akshan statistics. Across all games, Akshan didn't perform very well, with an average win rate of 49.1%.

Akshan has been picked a lot in recent ranked League of Legends matches. In the current meta, theirs popularity is 8.0%. A lot of players see them as a danger. They have been banned in approximately 14.4% of League games.

If you are looking for a dominating carry, then you should definitely consider this champion. They have the 3rd highest kill count on the Rift amongst other mids. (34 champs in total are most commonly chosen for the mid position.) Furthermore, they have a fairly high average death count (7 deaths; 5th out of all mids). Additionally, Akshan has an average KDA ratio (2.1) with 6 assists (26th among all mid type champs).

Akshan Win Rate Over Time

Our calculated overall Akshan win rate is the 18th highest amongst mids. They are most dominating in the late phase of the game with a 51.2% win rate in that phase. In comparison, they have a 46.8% win rate in the early phase and a 49.1% win rate overall. There is a moderate difference between these Akshan win rates (4.4%). This large difference makes it clear that theirs power spikes and fades in different parts of the match. Prepare well.

Akshan Position Stats

Popularity: 9%
Win Rate: 46%
Popularity: 5%
Win Rate: 42%
Popularity: 61%
Win Rate: 48%
Popularity: 24%
Win Rate: 46%
Popularity: 1.1%
Win Rate: 40%

Akshan Stats and Meta

You will see them typically used in the mid position. The top win rate position for Akshan is mid (47.6%). Currently, Akshan's meta game is centered around utility and support. In particular, theirs gameplay should primarily be centered around supporting others. Dealing physical damage is the least significant part of Akshan’s build.

You should anticipate having to dedicate only a little bit of time practicing and learning to pick up Akshan. Many League of Legends players believe they are one of the most basic champ to use. Akshan mostly does physical damage (78% of theirs total damage). They doesn't deal a large amount of magical damage and shouldn't be played as a hybrid damage dealer.

Akshan deals a decent amount of damage over the course of a typical game (19,924 damage). You may want to focus on building them as a damage dealing champ to crush your enemies.

Akshan Playstyle

Damage Types

Base Akshan Stats

Health 560 - 2090
Mana 350 - 1030
Damage 52 - 111.5
Attack Range 500
Armor 26 - 77
Magic Resist 30 - 38.5
Move Speed 330
Energy Type Mana


Raising an eyebrow in the face of danger, Akshan fights evil with dashing charisma, righteous vengeance, and a conspicuous lack of shirts. He is highly skilled in the art of stealth combat, able to evade the eyes of his enemies and reappear when they...

Data Analysis

We comb through millions of League of Legends matches pulled directly from Riot’s servers each week and analyze the data using advanced algorithms to bring you the most accurate Akshan stats online. We analyze the data by tier, so you can find the most relevant Akshan win rate and other stats.