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In the current meta, Fizz is a fantastic mid laner who primarily deals magic damage (81%). Fizz has the 1st highest win rate amongst mid laners (out of 36). Prioritize completing Liandry's Anguish early in your Fizz build, as players who had this item completed in their build had the highest win rates. Fizz is most dominant in the late game, with a 59.4% win rate in the late game, as opposed to a 54.6% win rate overall. Scroll down to see the best items and runes for your Pro Fizz Build!

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Base Stats
Statistic Champion Range
Health 570 - 2236
Mana 317 - 1286
Damage 58.04 - 109.03999999999999
Attack Range 175
Armor 22.412 - 80.21199999999999
Magic Resist 32.1 - 53.35
Move Speed 335
Energy Type Mana
Damage Types
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Fizz is an amphibious yordle, who dwells among the reefs surrounding Bilgewater. He often retrieves and returns the tithes cast into the sea by superstitious captains, but even the saltiest of sailors know better than to cross him—for many are the tales...