Galio Win Rate and Stats

LoL Galio Stats and Win Rate

Champion Statistics and Meta Breakdown for Galio in LoL

82,346 Galio Matches Analyzed

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To generate these Galio statistics, we analyzed 82,346 recent ranked League of Legends games with him chosen. MOBA Champion downloads ranked game stats directly from Riot's servers. This allows us to be very confident in our Galio stats. Across all matches, he did perform very well, with an average win rate of 50.5%.

Galio has been used somewhat often in the latest ranked League games. In the current meta, his popularity is 4.4%. Hardly anyone sees him as a threat. He has only been banned in approximately 1.2% of League of Legends rounds.

Galio Win Rate Over Time

Because of Galio's K/D/A and utility, he has a fairly average overall win rate. He does very well in the late game, with a winrate of NaN% in that phase. Unfortunately, he does very poorly in the late game, where Galio's winrate is NaN%., The difference between his best and worst game phases is a large NaN%. This sizeable difference makes it clear that his power spikes and fades in different phases of the match. Prepare well.

Galio Position Stats

Popularity: 2.3%
Win Rate: 47%
Popularity: 0.4%
Win Rate: 36.8%
Popularity: 58.2%
Win Rate: 50.5%
Popularity: 0.3%
Win Rate: 44.1%
Popularity: 38.7%
Win Rate: 48.6%

Galio Stats and Meta

Galio is most commonly played in the middle position. This occurs in [object Object]% of his matches. Middle Galio also has the highest win rate ([object Object]%) of all positions. At this time, Galio's meta game is focused on tanking. Specifically, his build should primarily be focused on shielding carries. Furthermore, he is an ok magical damage dealer champion. Dealing physical damage is the least significant part of Galio’s build.

If you are not familiar with his abilities and gameplay, you may find it difficult trying him out for the first time. Many competitors believe him to not be a difficult champion to get good at. Galio primarily does magic damage (95% of his total damage). He doesn't deal much of other damage types and should not be considered a hybrid damage dealer..

Galio deals a good amount of damage over the course of a normal round (16,080 damage). You may want to focus on building him as a damage dealing champ to defeat your foes.


Galio Playstyle

Damage Types


Outside the gleaming city of Demacia, the stone colossus Galio keeps vigilant watch. Built as a bulwark against enemy mages, he often stands motionless for decades until the presence of powerful magic stirs him to life. Once activated, Galio makes the...

If you are looking for a dominating carry, then you should maybe consider this champion. He has one of the top kill rates in League among all champions. Furthermore, he has a relatively typical average champion death rate (5.5 deaths). Additionally, Galio's KDA is usually very high with an average KDA ratio of 2.7 as well as 10 assists per match.

Base Galio Stats

Health 562 - 562
Mana 500 - 500
Damage 59 - 59
Attack Range 335
Armor 24 - 24
Magic Resist 32 - 32
Move Speed 335
Energy Type Mana

Data Analysis

We comb through millions of League of Legends matches pulled directly from Riot’s servers each week and analyze the data using advanced algorithms to bring you the most accurate Galio stats online. We analyze the data by tier, so you can find the most relevant Galio win rate and other stats.