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LoL Garen Counters and Best Teammmates

The Best LoL Champions to Synergize and Counter Garen

260,088 Garen Counters and Matchups Analyzed

We determined the best and worst Garen counters with information taken from 260,088 ranked League of Legends rounds. We have determined the champions with the best and worse rates of victory against him. Furthermore, we found which champs can be great allies to to get more wins.

As shown above, Yorick is the best to challenge Garen with a 53.8% victory rate against him. Similarly, Quinn and Camille are the next scariest counters to Garen. These two champs have win rates of 53.6% and 53.2%, respectively. You should avoid taking him into a game where any of these champions has been chosen.

Conversely, if you're fighting Gwen, you can anticipate doing much better. Garen counters them with a very respectable win percentage of 57%. Likewise, you can anticipate doing very well when facing Gangplank and Renekton. These champs have the next worst win rates when countering Garen.

If you would like good champion synergies for your own comrades to raise your win rate more, take a peek at at our Garen synergies below.

Garen Team Synergies

Regardless of his lane, he does very well when alongside Zyra. This combination typically enhances his average win rate by a few percent. Brand and Ziggs are also fantastic champs to pair with.


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Guide to Countering Garen

  • Most of Garen's damage is physical, so stack armor to prevent taking damage.
  • His Q will cleanse himself of all slows. Garen counters a lot of soft CC; however, he is still vulnerable to hard CC.
  • Avoid fighting Garen alone because Judgement will deal maximum damage to 1 target.