League of Legends Champion Jhin Jhin is in the s tier of champions


Marksman Mage
Jhin is a marksman Role marksman
Difficulty Average
Power Spike Mid-Game
Whisper ability p
Dancing Grenade ability q
Deadly Flourish ability w
Captive Audience ability e
Curtain Call ability r

Jhin Build

based on 193,507 matches
Win Rate
51 %
Pick Rate
17.2 %
Ban Rate
4.1 %

How We Come Up with Our Jhin Builds

We process over 1 Million League of Legends games every day to bring you the most accurate Jhin build so you can destroy your enemies and improve you win rate. We've broken down our Jhin builds by rank, position, and enemy team type, so you can find the most accurate set of Jhin core items and runes for any situation.

Jhin Build Summary

Jhin is a a solid bottom lane champ in League of Legends. His best rune sets are Domination Precision. Including the highlighted runes shown below into your Jhin build will provide you the bonus stats to guarantee he plays well through the laning phase of the round and into the late game. Jhin players should start by leveling up his q ability first.

Best Build for Jhin


Starter Items

Time Target
BootsRefillable Potion

Early Items

~5 Mins
Cloak of AgilityPickaxe

Core Jhin Items

~22 Mins
GaleforceRapid FirecannonStormrazorBoots of Swiftness

Optional Items

Phantom DancerInfinity EdgeGuardian AngelEssence Reaver

Summoner Spells

summonerflash summoner spell D
summonerhaste summoner spell F

Skill Order

First skill for Jhin to level up q
Second ability for Jhin to level up w
Last skill for Jhin to max out e


Domination Dark Harvest Taste of BloodEyeball CollectionIngenious Hunter
Precision Presence of MindCoup de Grace
Adaptive Adaptive HealthScaling
Jhin's passive ability p
Jhin q ability q
Jhin w ability w
Jhin e ability e
Jhin's ultimate ability r

Jhin Matchups Overview

More Gameplay Tips for Jhin Players

Tips and Tricks

Jhin is a versatile champion who's abilities are deadly from a distance. He relies on his team providing enough CC and a strong front line to allow him to get off his spells.

Jhin's ultimate, Curtain Call, deals more damage when the target's HP is lower. Save it on champions running away or to finish them off.

Jhin FAQs

Q: How do you use Jhin's Ultimate?

A: You toggle Jhin's ultimate on by pressing R once. Then, you can aim with your mouse. When you want to fire a shot, tap R. You have.4 shots. If you move or are CC'd, your Ultimate will be interrupted, so don't accidently right click.

Q: What does Jhin specialize in?

A: Jhin specializes in dealing massive damage in a limited amount of time. Your LoL Jhin build should focus on maximizing his AD, critical strike damage, or lethality. Be aware of how many shots you have remaining. While you are reloading, you are an easy target.

Q: I'm missing a lot of CS while reloading, what should I do?

A: While reloading, you can still last hit minions using your Q and W abilities. While farming, save your Q for CS. Don't waste it to harass your enemies or when your AA is available.

Q: When should I use Jhin's W ability?

A: Jhin's W deals relatively little damage, especially relative to his auto-attacks. It's not a great ability to use to deal damage in the middle of a fight. Use it to root fleeing enemies/closing ganks or to last hit a very low health enemy at a distance. It works well in low health enemies if you also have the Dark Harvest rune.

Additional Jhin Build Insights

League of Legends Jhin players will find him to be a dynamic champion to build out properly. You will see that his build changes when he is playing against either generic or specialized team compositions, demonstrating you should not select the same Jhin build every round of League of Legends

The most critical items to include in your champion's build are: Galeforce, Rapid Firecannon, and Stormrazor. Players who included these pieces in their setups had a higher winrate than those who worked towards other builds for Jhin. Moreover, if you are facing a varied enemy team composition, you should strongly consider getting yourself the Domination, and Precision runes. In recent matches, he won the largest fraction of his rounds when using these runes.

We established our Jhin build recommendations by examining 193,507 recently ranked League games with him in them. We only propose the best winrate Jhin builds that have been used by ranked League players enough times for us to propose them. With so many matches in our data, we are very confident in our recommended builds.