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Our Kassadin builds result from our evaluation of 55,377 recently ranked Kassadin games. Only the highest win rate Kassadin builds that are also commonly used are recommended. Because we have so many games in our data, we are absolutelyconfident that we can generate high quality builds to help you win your next round!

If you are looking for more champion specific build guidance and advice, you should check out our tips farther down on the page. Additionally, to see Kassadin builds specific to a unique skill level, pick a different division from the dropdown menu located above. If you change the selection, the recommended Kassadin build will capture that division's meta.

Best Kassadin Runes

If you are playing a varied enemy team comp, you should strongly consider getting yourself the Grasp of the Undying, Demolish, Second Wind, Overgrowth, Manaflow Band, and Gathering Storm runes. In recent games, he won the greatest fraction of his matches when equiped with these runes. Yet, if you are fighting a more single focused enemy team comp, such as an AD centric or a crowd control heavy team, you should instead glance further down to get the best Kassadin runes to defeat your particular enemy team.


Grasp of the Undying Rune Grasp of the Undying
Demolish Rune Demolish
Second Wind Rune Second Wind
Overgrowth Rune Overgrowth
Manaflow Band Rune Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm Rune Gathering Storm
Versus Selected Team Comp
Electrocute Rune Electrocute
Taste of Blood Rune Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection Rune Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter Rune Ravenous Hunter
Bone Plating Rune Bone Plating
Revitalize Rune Revitalize

Best Items for Your Kassadin Build

The most essential items to use in your Kassadin build include: Luden's Tempest, Seraph's Embrace, Lich Bane, and Cosmic Drive. Yet, similar to our rune advice, you can also find quality, dedicated, Kassadin item builds further down for the specific enemy team comp you are battling in your ongoing game. Those who added these items in their kits had a much higher win rate than those who went for other builds for Kassadin.

LoL Item Luden's TempestLoL Item Seraph's EmbraceLoL Item Lich BaneLoL Item Cosmic Drive

vs AD Heavy Teams

LoL Item EverfrostLoL Item Seraph's EmbraceLoL Item Rabadon's DeathcapLoL Item Void Staff

vs AP Heavy Teams

LoL Item Liandry's AnguishLoL Item Seraph's EmbraceLoL Item Rabadon's DeathcapLoL Item Lich Bane

vs CC Heavy Teams

LoL Item Luden's TempestLoL Item Seraph's EmbraceLoL Item Zhonya's HourglassLoL Item Cosmic Drive

vs Tanky Teams

LoL Item Liandry's AnguishLoL Item Seraph's EmbraceLoL Item Rabadon's DeathcapLoL Item Lich Bane

Guide to Playing with Kassadin

  • Kassadin needs to be careful during the laning phase because he has little mobility early on and can only get last hits in melee range.
  • Make sure the enemy team is focused on your allies before entering a teamfight, never be the one to initiate or be in the front lines.