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In the current meta, Kennen is a average top laner. Kennen is best when played alongside champions like Amumu and Kled and is a great counter to both Nidalee and Gragas. Be careful when facing either Amumu or Sion, as they are both great Kennen counters.

Best Kennen Counters
Champion Win Rate
Nidalee 58 %
Gragas 58 %
Zoe 57 %
Qiyana 57 %
Karthus 57 %
Worst Kennen Counters
Champion Win Rate
Amumu 39 %
Sion 43 %
Rammus 44 %
Kayle 44 %
Swain 44 %
Kennen Synergies
Champion Win Rate
Amumu 58 %
Kled 56 %
Nunu & Willump 54 %
Wukong 54 %
Swain 54 %
Guide to Countering Kennen
  • Try not to clump up during teamfights because Kennen can get your entire team in the Slicing Maelstrom AOE if he gets into the middle.
  • Kennen is fairly squishy and can be burst down quickly.
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