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In the current meta, Kog'Maw is a average ADC who primarily deals magic damage (43%). Kog'Maw has the 9th highest win rate amongst ADCs (out of 19). Prioritize completing Kraken Slayer early in your Kog'Maw build, as players who had this item completed in their build had the highest win rates. Kog'Maw is most dominant in the late game, with a 53.6% win rate in the late game, as opposed to a 49.3% win rate overall. Scroll down to see the best items and runes for your Pro Kog'Maw Build!

Best Kog'Maw Runes


Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Versus Selected Team Comp
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand
Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm
Best Items for Kog'Maw Builds

vs AD Heavy Teams

vs AP Heavy Teams

vs CC Heavy Teams

vs Tanky Teams

Guide to Playing with Kog'Maw
  • Kog'Maw excels at being in the back of the team during engagements. His abilities have long range so can be used from afar.
  • Stay close to your support and prioritize farming items early game. Don't trade with enemy champions until later in the game, when you'll be more powerful.
  • Use Void Ooze to slow down your enemies, this will make it easier to land your ultimate, Living Artillery.