Lux Build Guide

LoL Lux Build Guide

The Best Lux Runes, Items, and Advice to Dominate Your Competition

336,259 Lux Builds Analyzed

Best Items for Your Lux Build

The most critical items to incorporate into your Lux build are: Luden's Tempest, Rabadon's Deathcap, Banshee's Veil, and Cosmic Drive. Yet, similar to our rune suggestions, you can also get great, focused, Lux item builds below for the specific enemy team composition you are playing in your ongoing game. Those who added these items in their builds had a much higher win rate than players who used other Lux builds.

Lux Items to Defeat Focused Team Comps

Best Lux Runes for Your Next Build

Dark Harvest Build Rune for Lux Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot Build Rune for Lux Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection Build Rune for Lux Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter Build Rune for Lux Relentless Hunter
Gathering Storm Build Rune for Lux Gathering Storm
Transcendence Build Rune for Lux Transcendence
If you are fighting a mixed enemy team comp, you should really consider grabbing Lux the Dark Harvest, Cheap Shot, Eyeball Collection, Relentless Hunter, Gathering Storm, and Transcendence runes. In recent games, she won the greatest fraction of her rounds when equiped with these runes. However, if you are fighting a more homogenous enemy team comp, such as an AD focused or a crowd control focused team, you should instead scrollbrowse a little down to see the best Lux runes to win your particular game.

Lux Runes to Beat Dedicated Enemy Teams

Dark Harvest Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Lux Build Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Lux Build Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Lux Build Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Lux Build Ultimate Hunter
Presence of Mind Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Lux Build Presence of Mind
Cut Down Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Lux Build Cut Down

Guide to Playing with Lux

  • Lux can be played in the mid lane or as a support. Either way, her Lucent Singularity is a great harassment tool and zoning ability.
  • The best combo to kill the enemy lane champion is Lucent Singularity, Light Binding, and Final Spark. Perfect the timing of these spells to ensure a kill.


We set our Lux build suggestions by analyzing 336,259 recently ranked League of Legends matches with her in them. We only advise the best winrate Lux builds that were built by ranked League players enough times for us to propose them. With so many matches in our dataset, we are confident in our suggested builds.

Additionally, Lux builds dedicated to a unique skill rank can be seen by picking a different rank from the dropdown menu located above. The suggested Lux build shown will be focused on that tier’s meta.

FAQs About Lux

Where should I aim my E (Lucent Singularity)?

If you want to better aim your skill-shot AoE with Lux in League, try throwing it just a little bit behind your enemy. Most of the time, other players seem to run backwards to avoid your shot. Throwing it a little behind them will keep them inside the area of effect, even when they try to dodge it. If they run forward, root them with your Q.

What are Lux's greatest strengths?

Lux's greatest strengths include her long ability range and her great mix of damage and utility. She makes a great support or AP carry. She is particularly well suited to poking and team fighting. You should include plenty of AP and CDR in your Lux build to maximize her abilities.

What is Lux's greatest weakness?

Lux's greatest weakness is her poor mobility. She only has her Q to stop enemies from closing with her. Lux has a very difficult time countering other champions with a lot of mobility, such as Zed, LeBlanc, and Yone.