League of Legends Champion Morgana Morgana is in the b tier of champions


Mage Support
Morgana is a mage Role mage
Difficulty Easy
Power Spike Early-Game
Soul Siphon ability p
Dark Binding ability q
Tormented Shadow ability w
Black Shield ability e
Soul Shackles ability r

Morgana Build

based on 116,151 matches
Win Rate
51 %
Pick Rate
11.5 %
Ban Rate
25.7 %

How We Come Up with Our Morgana Builds

We process over 1 Million League of Legends games every day to bring you the most accurate Morgana build so you can destroy your enemies and improve you win rate. We've broken down our Morgana builds by rank, position, and enemy team type, so you can find the most accurate set of Morgana core items and runes for any situation.

Morgana Build Summary

Morgana is a a solid utility lane champ in League of Legends. Her best rune sets are Sorcery Inspiration. Incorporating the specific runes shown below in your Morgana build will help provide you with the additional bonuses to guarantee she plays well through the laning phase of the match and into the late game. You should focus on building up her q ability first.

Best Build for Morgana


Starter Items

Time Target
Amplifying TomeHealth Potion

Early Items

~5 Mins
Fiendish CodexLost Chapter

Core Morgana Items

~22 Mins
Liandry's AnguishShard of True IceShadowflameSorcerer's Shoes

Optional Items

Rabadon's DeathcapHorizon FocusCosmic DriveRedemption

Summoner Spells

summonerflash summoner spell D
summonerdot summoner spell F

Skill Order

First skill for Morgana to level up q
Second ability for Morgana to level up e
Last skill for Morgana to max out w


Sorcery Arcane Comet Manaflow BandTranscendenceGathering Storm
Inspiration Perfect TimingFuture's Market
CDRScaling Adaptive HealthScaling
Morgana's passive ability p
Morgana q ability q
Morgana w ability w
Morgana e ability e
Morgana's ultimate ability r

Morgana Matchups Overview

More Gameplay Tips for Morgana Players

Tips and Tricks

Morgana already has good survivability due to Black Shield. Adding more health and magic resistance can be useful to further improve her survivability.

Tormented Soul can be used to effectively farm a lane when there are no enemies around.

Morgana FAQs

Q: How can I last longer as Morgana in lane?

A: Morgana will heal from spell damage done to champions, large monsters, and large minions. Firing off your DoT spell under siege minions can help you last longer in lane. Most enemy heroes will dodge out of the way and don't provide a significant source of health during the laning phase for Morgana.

Q: What makes Morgana a good jungler?

A: Morgana is a good jungler for two reasons: 1) she can clear whole jungle camps with her large AoE damage while also healing from the damage dealt; and 2) she can root enemies when she ganks to help ensure the kill.

Q: What are the strengths and weaknesses of Morgana in League?

A: Morgana's Black Shield ability is arguably her greatest strength. The ability to deny CC or magic damage is huge, especially when given to your carries. This allows you to diversify your Morgana build or other team builds a little more, as you don't have to worry about CC as much. Her large AoE damage is also very powerful in team fights. Combining it with Rylai's in your Morg build can give you a large AoE slow as well. Morgana's greatest weakness are her high mana cost, high cooldown timers, and slow skillshot. If you miss your root trying to engage with Morg, you can do very little to help your team until your timers reset.

Additional Morgana Build Insights

League of Legends Morgana players may find her to be a complex champ to build out properly. You will see that her build changes when she is playing against either diversified or highly focused team compositions, indicating you shouldn't choose the same Morgana build every single round of League of Legends

The most critical items to include in your champ's build are: Liandry's Anguish, Shard of True Ice, and Shadowflame. Players who included these pieces in their gear had a much better winrate than players who went for other item builds for Morgana. Likewise, if you are battling a varied enemy team arrangement, you should strongly consider getting yourself the Sorcery, and Inspiration runes. In recent games, she won the greatest number of her games when built with these runes.

We came up with our Morgana build guidance by examining 116,151 recently ranked LoL rounds with her selected. We only propose the top winrate Morgana builds that were built by ranked players enough times for us to suggest them. With so many matches in our dataset, we are confident in our recommended builds.