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Nunu & Willump

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Our Nunu & Willump builds result from our analysis of 90,939 recently ranked Nunu & Willump rounds. Only the best winrate Nunu & Willump builds that are also in common use are suggested. Because we have so many matches in our data, we are very sure that we can show you the highest quality builds to help ensure you win your next match!

To find more focused build tips and tactics, you should take a look at our tips farther down on the page. Additionally, Nunu & Willump builds dedicated to a particular skill division can be seen by picking another division from the dropdown menu located above. The best Nunu & Willump build will be focused on that division’s meta.

Best Nunu & Willump Runes

If you are playing a mixed enemy team composition, you should strongly consider getting yourself the Aftershock, Font of Life, Bone Plating, Unflinching, Legend: Tenacity, and Triumph runes. In recent matches, he won the largest percentage of his rounds when equiped with these runes. However, if you are battling a different enemy team composition, such as an AP centric or a CC focused team, you should instead look further down to find the best Nunu & Willump runes to win your particular round.


Aftershock Rune Aftershock
Font of Life Rune Font of Life
Bone Plating Rune Bone Plating
Unflinching Rune Unflinching
Legend: Tenacity Rune Legend: Tenacity
Triumph Rune Triumph
Versus Selected Team Comp
Phase Rush Rune Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak Rune Nimbus Cloak
Transcendence Rune Transcendence
Waterwalking Rune Waterwalking
Cheap Shot Rune Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter Rune Ultimate Hunter

Best Items for Your Nunu & Willump Build

The most important items to include in your Nunu & Willump build include: Sunfire Aegis, Spirit Visage, Randuin's Omen, and Demonic Embrace. Yet, like our rune setups, you can also get quality, focused, Nunu & Willump item builds further down for the particular enemy team composition you are fighting in your ongoing game. Players who included these pieces in their setups had a higher winrate than players who utilized other builds for Nunu & Willump.

LoL Item Sunfire AegisLoL Item Spirit VisageLoL Item Randuin's OmenLoL Item Demonic Embrace

vs AD Heavy Teams

LoL Item Sunfire AegisLoL Item ThornmailLoL Item Dead Man's PlateLoL Item Demonic Embrace

vs AP Heavy Teams

LoL Item Sunfire AegisLoL Item Abyssal MaskLoL Item Dead Man's PlateLoL Item Force of Nature

vs CC Heavy Teams

LoL Item Sunfire AegisLoL Item Spirit VisageLoL Item Knight's VowLoL Item Dead Man's Plate

vs Tanky Teams

LoL Item Sunfire AegisLoL Item Gargoyle StoneplateLoL Item Dead Man's PlateLoL Item Force of Nature

Guide to Playing with Nunu & Willump

  • Use Nunu to steal enemy jungler's farm by killing the Blue Sentinel or Red Brambleback.
  • Make sure to cast Blood Boil on your allied carry to boost their damage and attack speed.