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The Best Runes, Items, and Advice to Dominate Your Competition

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Our Pyke builds come out of our analysis of 122,128 recently ranked Pyke games. Only the best win rate Pyke builds that are also in common use are recommended. Because we have so many games in our database, we are quite confident that we can show you high quality builds to help ensure you win your next game!

Additionally, Pyke builds specific to a unique skill tier can be seen by picking a different rank from the dropdown menu located above. The suggested Pyke build will be focused on that tier’s meta.

Best Pyke Runes

If you are trying to beat a varied enemy team comp, you should really consider grabbing yourself the Aftershock, Demolish, Conditioning, Revitalize, Presence of Mind, and Legend: Tenacity runes. In recent games, he won the greatest percentage of his games when built with these runes. Yet, if you are trying to beat a different enemy team composition, such as an AP centric or a CC centric team, you should instead browse further down to get the best Pyke runes to defeat your particular combination of foes.


Aftershock Rune Aftershock
Demolish Rune Demolish
Conditioning Rune Conditioning
Revitalize Rune Revitalize
Presence of Mind Rune Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity Rune Legend: Tenacity
Versus Selected Team Comp
Aftershock Rune Aftershock
Font of Life Rune Font of Life
Bone Plating Rune Bone Plating
Revitalize Rune Revitalize
Sudden Impact Rune Sudden Impact
Relentless Hunter Rune Relentless Hunter

Best Items for Your Pyke Build

The best items to incorporate into your Pyke build include: Duskblade of Draktharr, Umbral Glaive, Sanguine Blade, and The Collector. Additionally, similar to our rune builds, you can also get great, dedicated, Pyke item builds below for the specific enemy team composition you are playing in your current game. Those who included these pieces in their builds had a much better win rate than those who worked towards other Pyke builds.

LoL Item Duskblade of DraktharrLoL Item Umbral GlaiveLoL Item Sanguine BladeLoL Item The Collector

vs AD Heavy Teams

LoL Item Duskblade of DraktharrLoL Item Ravenous HydraLoL Item Youmuu's GhostbladeLoL Item Umbral Glaive

vs AP Heavy Teams

LoL Item Duskblade of DraktharrLoL Item Guardian AngelLoL Item Youmuu's GhostbladeLoL Item Serylda's Grudge

vs CC Heavy Teams

LoL Item Prowler's ClawLoL Item Youmuu's GhostbladeLoL Item Maw of MalmortiusLoL Item Death's Dance

vs Tanky Teams

LoL Item Duskblade of DraktharrLoL Item Umbral GlaiveLoL Item Edge of NightLoL Item Vigilant Wardstone