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The Best Runes, Items, and Advice to Dominate Your Competition

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Our Renekton builds result from our evaluation of 423,222 recently ranked Renekton games. Only the highest winrate Renekton builds that are also in common use are advised. Because we have so many rounds in our dataset, we are confident that we can generate high quality builds to help you win your next round!

If you would like more champion specific build tips and tactics, you should check out our guide to playing with Renekton at the bottom of the page. Additionally, to see the top Renekton build from a different skill rank, you can choose a different skill tier from the dropdown above. The calculated Renekton builds will change to reflect that skill level’s meta.

Best Renekton Runes

If you are fighting a mixed enemy team comp, you should strongly consider getting Renekton the Press the Attack, Triumph, Legend: Alacrity, Last Stand, Nimbus Cloak, and Transcendence runes. In recent games, he won the greatest percentage of his matches when using these runes. However, if you are facing a different enemy team composition, such as an AP centric or a CC centric team, you should instead browse below to find the best Renekton runes to defeat your particular enemy team.


Press the Attack Rune Press the Attack
Triumph Rune Triumph
Legend: Alacrity Rune Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand Rune Last Stand
Nimbus Cloak Rune Nimbus Cloak
Transcendence Rune Transcendence
Versus Selected Team Comp
Conqueror Rune Conqueror
Triumph Rune Triumph
Legend: Tenacity Rune Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand Rune Last Stand
Overgrowth Rune Overgrowth
Second Wind Rune Second Wind

Best Items for Your Renekton Build

The best items to use in your Renekton build are: Eclipse, Guardian Angel, Black Cleaver, and Ravenous Hydra. Additionally, like our rune advice, you can also find great, dedicated, Renekton item builds below for the specific enemy team comp you are facing in your current game. Those who included these items in their builds had a significantly better winrate than those who used other Renekton builds.

LoL Item EclipseLoL Item Guardian AngelLoL Item Black CleaverLoL Item Ravenous Hydra

vs AD Heavy Teams

LoL Item GoredrinkerLoL Item Guardian AngelLoL Item ThornmailLoL Item Death's Dance

vs AP Heavy Teams

LoL Item GoredrinkerLoL Item Spirit VisageLoL Item Black CleaverLoL Item Maw of Malmortius

vs CC Heavy Teams

LoL Item GoredrinkerLoL Item Guardian AngelLoL Item Ravenous HydraLoL Item Death's Dance

vs Tanky Teams

LoL Item GoredrinkerLoL Item Sterak's GageLoL Item Ravenous HydraLoL Item Thornmail

Guide to Playing with Renekton

  • Slice and Dice is an excellent harass tool if you can reliably land Slice. Slice in, hit your enemy, and Dice out for a clean harass.
  • In teamfights, you should be the main damage sponge. Build items to improve your survivability.