League of Legends Champion Riven Riven is in the s tier of champions


Fighter Assassin
Riven is a fighter Role fighter
Difficulty Hard
Power Spike Mid-Game
Runic Blade ability p
Broken Wings ability q
Ki Burst ability w
Valor ability e
Blade of the Exile ability r

Riven Build

based on 40,293 matches
Win Rate
49.1 %
Pick Rate
3.9 %
Ban Rate
1.1 %

How We Come Up with Our Riven Builds

We process over 1 Million League of Legends games every day to bring you the most accurate Riven build so you can destroy your enemies and improve you win rate. We've broken down our Riven builds by rank, position, and enemy team type, so you can find the most accurate set of Riven core items and runes for any situation.

Riven Build Summary

Riven is a a decent top lane champion in League of Legends. Her best rune sets are Precision Sorcery. Adding the highlighted runes shown below in your Riven build will give you the bonus stats to help her play well through the laning phase of the game and into the late game. You should start by leveling up her q ability first.

Best Build for Riven


Starter Items

Time Target
Doran's BladeHealth Potion

Early Items

~5 Mins
Caulfield's WarhammerIronspike Whip

Core Riven Items

~22 Mins
GoredrinkerGuardian AngelSerylda's GrudgeIonian Boots of Lucidity

Optional Items

Silvermere DawnSterak's GageEssence ReaverRavenous Hydra

Summoner Spells

summonerflash summoner spell D
summonerdot summoner spell F

Skill Order

First skill for Riven to level up q
Second ability for Riven to level up e
Last skill for Riven to max out w


Precision Conqueror TriumphLegend: TenacityLast Stand
Sorcery TranscendenceScorch
Adaptive Adaptive MagicRes
Riven's passive ability p
Riven q ability q
Riven w ability w
Riven e ability e
Riven's ultimate ability r

Riven Matchups Overview

More Gameplay Tips for Riven Players

Tips and Tricks

Riven can dive enemy champions because of her burst potential but is vulnerable when disabled so make sure to pick your targets and timing well. Your Riven build should focus on either maximizing her burst damage or her survivability.

Use your burst abilities on the enemy carries during teamfights to spike them down early.

Riven FAQs

Q: What are some of Riven's greatest strengths?

A: One of Riven's greatest strengths is that she is manaless. This allows her to farm and poke with her abilities. Most enemies can't keep up with her or her ability to engage at any moment. Additionally, Riven is very mobile. Her ability allows her to dash forward or escape if needed. Lastly, you can be very free with your LoL Riven build. She scales very well with AD, armor penetration, and CDR.

Q: What is one of Riven's greatest weaknesses?

A: Riven is very susceptible to a CC. If she gets a lot of hard CC, her high mobility gets negated. You Riven build should be chosen based on the amount of CC she is facing. Above we have Riven items and runes specific to facing CC-heavy team comps.

Additional Riven Build Insights

League of Legends Riven players may find her to be a challenging champ to build out properly. You'll see that her build changes when she is playing against either diversified or highly focused team compositions, indicating you shouldn't take the same Riven build every single game of League of Legends

The most critical items to incorporate into your champion's build are: Goredrinker, Guardian Angel, and Serylda's Grudge. Players who included these pieces in their setups had a greater winrate than those who worked towards other Riven builds. Likewise, if you are playing a well-mixed enemy team comp, you should strongly consider getting yourself the Precision, and Sorcery runes. In recent games, she won the largest number of her matches when built with these runes.

We set our Riven build recommendations by analyzing 40,293 recently ranked League matches with her in them. We only recommend the highest winrate Riven builds that have been built by ranked LoL players enough times for us to advise them. With so many games in our dataset, we are quite confident in our suggested builds.