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In the current meta, Sejuani is a good jungler. Sejuani is best when played alongside champions like Amumu and Fizz and is a great counter to both Nidalee and Lee Sin. Be careful when facing either Amumu or Swain, as they are both great Sejuani counters.

Best Sejuani Counters
Champion Win Rate
Nidalee 62 %
Lee Sin 58 %
Kindred 57 %
Gangplank 57 %
Ryze 56 %
Worst Sejuani Counters
Champion Win Rate
Amumu 40 %
Swain 45 %
Viktor 46 %
Brand 46 %
Xerath 46 %
Sejuani Synergies
Champion Win Rate
Amumu 56 %
Fizz 56 %
Kayle 55 %
Renekton 54 %
Nami 54 %
Guide to Countering Sejuani
  • Try hard to dodge Arctic Assault and Glacial Prison; if you are successful, counter immediately.
  • The second swing of Winter's Wrath carries more damage, so dodge that one if possible.
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