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LoL Zed Counters and Best Teammmates

The Best LoL Champions to Synergize and Counter Zed

147,701 Zed Counters and Matchups Analyzed


We calculated our best and worst Zed counters using data pulled from 147,701 ranked League of Legends matches. We have established those champs with the highest and lowest rates of victory when facing him. Furthermore, we have found which champs can serve as valuable teammates to help you win more League games.

As can be seen above, Nasus is the strongest to face off against Zed with a 54.0% victory percentage against him. Close behind, Yorick and Wukong are the next scariest threats to Zed. These two champs have win rates of 54.0% and 54.0%, respectively. You should avoid bringing him into a game where one of these champions has been picked.

Conversely, if you are fighting against Akshan, you should anticipate doing much better. Zed counters them with a great win percentage of 56.0%. Similarly, you should anticipate doing very well against Rumble and Nidalee. They have the next worst win rates when countering Zed.

Zed Team Synergies

If you are interested in great champ synergies for your own comrades to raise your win percentage more, take a peek at at our champion synergies above. Regardless of his lane, he does admirably when on the same team as Brand. This pairing typically improves his average win rate by 4.0%. Ziggs and Zyra are also awesome champions to pair with.

Our Methods

To examine the details and best Zed counter builds for a particular matchup, you can click the related row in one of the tables above. If you would like some Zed counters not listed here, you may click the "All Matchups" button to view details on all potential counters.

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We comb through millions of League of Legends matches pulled directly from Riot’s servers each week. We analyze the data using advanced algorithms to bring you the most accurate Zed counters online.

Guide to Countering Zed

  • Zed counters squishy champions. His Ult will even allow him to turret dive without having to take too much damage retreating.
  • Most of Zed's skills are physical damage. Get armor items to minimize damage taken.
  • Zed is vulnerable to crowd control, so make sure to disable him in teamfights.