League of Legends Item $Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer
Price 2,600
Recipe Price 850

Phantom Dancer

based on 506,745 matches
Win Rate
55.1 %
Pick Rate
4.4 %
- / -

How We Come Up with Our Item Stats

We comb through millions of League of Legends matches pulled directly from Riot’s servers each week and analyze the data using advanced algorithms to bring you the most accurate Phantom Dancer stats online. We analyze the data by tier, so you can find the most relevant Phantom Dancer win rate and other stats.

Phantom Dancer Summary

Phantom Dancer is a good item in League of Legends. Players who used Phantom Dancer had very good win rates in the game (55.1%). This item works particularly well when combined with Guardian Angel or with Guinsoo's Rageblade. Similarly, the top champions to build Phantom Dancer are Vayne and Miss Fortune.

More About Phantom Dancer

Tips and Tricks

Although some ADCs may find this item useful, melee champions that use critical strikes, such as Tryndamere, will benefit most due to the movement bonus.