Prowler's Claw Stats and Guide

LoL Prowler's Claw Item Stats

LoL Prowler's Claw Item Statistics and Meta Breakdown

Prowler's Claw Position Stats

Popularity: 0.5%
Win Rate: 49.5%
Popularity: 2%
Win Rate: 48.8%
Popularity: 2.4%
Win Rate: 48.4%
Popularity: 0.5%
Win Rate: 51.7%
Popularity: 0.8%
Win Rate: 50.8%

Prowler's Claw Guide

  • The active dash built into the LoL Prowler's Claw item can help you avoid skillshots, CC, or other enemies.
  • Prowler's Claw can be used both to engage and to disengage from enemies. It may not make sense to use it immediately during a fight. It is more than just a damage boost.