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Best Jax Skin Review

Published: October 17, 2021
Best Jax Skin Holding Lantern in League of Legends

Are you a Jax main looking for a great new Jax skin? You’ve come to the right place! All of Jax’s skins in League of Legends are shown here alongside a review. The list is ranked from worst to best Jax skin. You’ll get to whack your opponents in style – albeit still without a real weapon 🤣.

An Overview of Jax

Jax, the Grandmaster at Arms, is a duelist split pusher that can be played in the top lane as well as the jungle. His kit revolves around basic attacks: empowering his attacks, allowing him to reach the opponents to attack, and having protection to attack – and he’s a grandmaster at them!

Jax’s abilities give a straightforward play pattern: Leap Strike (Q) lets him jump to a unit, allied or enemy, damaging them in the latter case. He then gets to use his iconic E, Counter Strike, ability infamous among Draven mains. Counter Strike protects Jax from basic attacks before stunning the nearby enemies. He then gives the opponents a lamppost beatdown with every remaining part of his kit empowering his basic attacks.

Jax combines fearsome burst and DPS that’ll be effective against any type of enemy, and he chops through turrets like a lamppost through butter (no real weapons allowed). Check out our Jax build guides to help you maximize his damage potential in your next game!

13. Vandal Jax (520 RP – Legacy)

A few of the Jax skins are forgettable and feel underwhelming, but this one most of all. No animation is changed, but the color scheme of this Jax skin is highly similar to that of his default one, as is his model. As such, Vandal Jax was an easy candidate for the worst Jax skin.

12. Angler Jax Skin (975 RP – Legacy)

Jax has a few more skins that only affect his model, not his animations or audio. Therefore, personal rankings among this category will come down to which themes each person likes most. Angler Jax works as a comedic skin, with the idea of being a fisherman but actually smacking people down with that light fishing rod.

Worst Jax Skin You can Buy

However, the skin uses an aggressive yellow-green color scheme that isn’t too nice on the eyes, all the while being priced at 975 RP, which puts it second last in the rankings.

11. PAX Jax (Special Pricing)

PAX Jax is very close to its Angler counterpart, with a bright yellow color scheme and a similarly-shaped weapon. The same comments as the previous entry would apply, except PAX Jax is an incredibly rare skin, only obtainable by having attended an event over a decade ago. As such, the plus side of this Jax skin is showing off for its rarity!

Pax Skin for Jax

… But that’s about it.

10. The Mighty Jax (520 RP – Legacy)

This is an interesting Jax skin. Referencing the Winter games, this is Jax as a hockey player, in a fully white and pink outfit. This is a unique color scheme shared by no other of his cosmetics and is as such a nice alternative, and it’s a nice reference. That is, however, all that there’s to it.

Still another skin that solely affects his model, and more of another comedic skin giving a different feel than Jax’s normal one.

Decent Looking Outfit for Jax

9. Temple Jax Skin (750 RP)

The first Jax skin on the list that can be purchased regularly! Temple Jax has a fairly misleading splash art, in that his model has him wear light pants with a gray cape, rather than green pants with a dark top. Temple Jax gives a completely different color scheme while keeping the regular Jax aesthetic, which makes it an alright “model-only” skin.

Temple Jax Artwork

8. Warden Jax (750 RP)

This is the second “serious” Jax skin, with the same price tag as the previous one. With this skin, Jax wears the silver-gold armor shared by the other Wardens. That gives is a heavier feel than the previous options, and the fact that this skin is a lot more recent than the previous ones shows in the quality of its visuals. All in all, Warden Jax has a good model, but this is still all that there is to it.

Warden Skin for Jax

7. Jaximus (975 RP)

I would personally rank Jaximus higher because of its story, but objectivity would disagree with me. This Jax skin is one single voice line away from only affecting his model, but this voice line is what sells it. “Here’s to you, kid” is a line given in memory of Joe, a kid who passed from cancer in 2012, and of whom Jaximus was the favorite skin.

Gladiator skin for jax in league of legends

This aside, this Jax skin gives him a red-colored gladiator look that feels smooth and strong, but it remains limited compared to the next ones.

6. SKT T1 Jax (750 RP – Legacy)

SKT T1 Jax could have been named Sound Effects Jax, as those are its selling point. Instead of being blunt, his basic attacks sound like an empty sphere hitting something, making the skin feel majorly different. The kind of thing that sounds funny at first, but that grows on you to the point where you end up liking it best.

The remainder of the skin is forgettable, only changing its model. But for this one, we don’t look past the basic attack sound effects.

SKT T1 One of the Best Jax Skins You Can Buy

5. Nemesis Jax (975 RP)

We finally reach the modified visual effects! Nemesis Jax was the undisputed best Jax skin between 2012 and 2018 – if we except the people contaminated by the SKT sound effects. With this skin, Jax wears a blue and gray outfit. His VFX has been replaced from yellow to purple, which blends into the rest of the skin much better.

Jax holding a purple mace

This is an option that gives the satisfaction of different visual effects as well as a more coherent, uniform result. It also has chromas available, although these are from the older generation and are significantly less impressive than recent ones.

4. Conqueror Jax (1350 RP – Legacy)

While using a color scheme that wouldn’t appeal to everyone, this Jax skin marks a major upgrade in quality compared to all previous ones. All animations are changed rather than simply recolored, their sound effects are modified as well, and there’s a lot more to this skin than what the base model and older ones would offer.

All of the abilities take a gray-green color matching the model. Jax glows as he jumps during his Q, his W makes an electronic sound when activated, changes the weapon’s appearance, and the hitting VFX has been improved. Counter Strike is very detailed and shows its range while Jax is spinning and playing a different sound. Lastly, his ultimate is a full bright sphere instead of rotating lines.

The polarizing aspect of this Jax skin would be the bright green color, that some would love more than others. But it offers a very high quality, modifying everything besides the voice of the character.

3. Conqueror Jax Prestige Edition (Special Pricing – Prestige Skin)

Conqueror Jax has an odd Prestige skin. It replaces part of the colors while mostly retaining the other half. The gray and dark green were replaced by gold and lighter green. Interestingly, the W shines in gold instead of green.

The other abilities have their colors replaced accordingly, with the E and R looking the most different simply due to being the most visible abilities in the first place.

Default Conqueror Jax and its Prestige brethren are just a matter of color preference, pricing excepted, as the latter will almost always be much harder to obtain. But the quality of the skin is equally good as that of the previous one!

2. Runner-Up to the Best Jax Skin: God Staff Jax (1350 RP)

The runner-up of this Jax skin tier list is his God Staff skin, and it’s so different from the last option that the two could be interchangeable. That, and the fact that the quality of this skin is good enough to warrant a first place.

Jax’s model is golden and purple with this skin, and everything about it is very bright. He shines during his Q, W lights up the weapon and has its effect spread around the target when hitting them, and the E uses a golden spin albeit without having the range indicator that his other Epic or higher skins use. His ultimate is a bolder, golden version of the default one, and somewhat sounds like a bell when activated.

In the end, this skin is simple. It’s more straightforward and less detailed than Conqueror. But it just works. Everything is golden and bright, retaining the feel of default Jax while being much better. As light as you’re used from Jax to be, but powerful.

Additionally, this skin uses a voice filter that makes his voice more profound, and resonating, playing well into the strong vibe that it gives. An excellent Jax skin, without being legendary priced.

1. Best Jax Skin: Mecha Kingdoms Jax (1820 RP)

And finally, the best Jax skin is Mecha Kingdoms Jax! A legendary skin that does everything that a legendary should, plus a bit more. Different model, different voice, different voicelines, different emotes, new basic attacks, wholly different high-quality VFX and SFX, and even an evolving model!

To start it off, Mecha Kindoms Jax has detailed visuals for his passive. On 5 stacks, a flame comes out from his back. It grows more intense with each further stack, and turns to a bright blue on 8. His Q shine orange, but, the blue flame also ignites during the jump when used from near max range

His W is the least changed ability (… due to there being the least to change), although using a different animation. His E uses the range indicator, and the counter-strike itself has Jax strike the ground with his staff, emitting a shockwave for the damage and stun.

For the ultimate, the R uses a sci-fi looking shield and a different animation for the strike, but the main appeal lies within the model. When unlocking Grandmaster’s Might, Jax’s armor grows wings that are then placed behind his back. When using the ability, the wings come out for the duration of the spell.

Jax’s voice is metallic, coming from within the helmet, and all the abilities and emotes sound metallic as well. The skin is loud, and it also feels powerful, and the attack and ability animations contribute to this as well. However, this is the reason why some may prefer the God Staff skin over this one – for not feeling the same. Different animations can take a while to get used to.

Overall though, despite paying a lot, you get everything that you paid for with this skin. If you agree and love the mecha skins, check out our Garen skin review to see his awesome Mecha skin as well!

Choice of Chromas to Complement the Best Jax Skin

This skin even gets a few chromas to choose from! The first one, Peacekeeper, would be my pick to buy only one of them, bringing back Jax’s traditional aesthetic while using a color scheme that never misses. The white and orange are good “classic” options, while the green and pink work well to break the usual.

Best Jax Chroma
Pearl Chroma for Mecha Kingdoms Skin
Great Jax Skin Chroma
Awesome Chroma on Jax
Rose Quartz

That’s It for this Best Jax Skins Review!

Hoping that this helped you pick a great Jax skin if you were looking for one! What is your favorite LoL skin for Jax? Did your preference differ from our list of best Jax skins? To check out other great skins, look for our Malzahar skin review. He's got some pretty great ones too!

Images Courtesy of Riot Games.