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All of the Best Lux Skins in League - Reviewed

Published: August 14, 2021
Best LoL Lux Skins

Lux is one of the most versatile and powerful champions in League of Legends, and her skins are some of the coolest. In this complete review of all LoL Lux skins, we will rank every one of her skins. We'll discuss how they look and what other cool features they may add, such as flashy particle effects, funny voice changes, or new animations.

Quick Lux Champion Overview

Lux is a powerful mage in League of Legends who also has an incredible amount of utility. Her most well-known skill is her ultimate, which deals massive damage to all enemy units in a single straight line. Like many of Lux's other abilities, it has an excellent range. Her Ultimate also looks fantastic in some of the best lux skins, which is one reason to grab a new Lux skin today!

She is capable of poking easily in lane and providing large amounts of AoE damage during team fights. She also has powerful utility abilities, like her shield and root.

Lux does best when played as either a burst mage or a support champion. A solid lux build will focus on increasing her ability power while decreasing her cooldown times.

How Many Skins does Lux Have?

Lux has 14 different skins, in addition to her default skin and a different prestige chroma. Her appearance is changed significantly by many of these skins. Furthermore, many of her rarer skins also provide improved particle effects, animations, and voice changes.

Lux staring at the reader

Some of the best lux skins alter her vibe so much. It almost feels like you're playing another champion entirely.

All LoL Lux Skins Reviewed and Ranked

Lux has a variety of skins to choose from, and they are all ranked below.

14. Imperial Lux (975 RP; Legacy Skin for Lux)

Lux's imperial skin is easily one of the worst Lux skins in League of Legends. We actually like it less than her vanilla, base skin. It looks like a campy, less attractive version of what Natasha wore in the old Red Alert games. The colors are dull and muted, and it provides no new particle effects or animations.

While it is an old skin and may be due for a revamp, it's not at all worth getting now. The price tag of 975 RP is way more than we'd recommend paying for it.

13. Commando Lux (520 RP; Basic Lux Skin)

This is another terrible skin for the sorceress that costs RP and is worse than her default outfit. Commando doesn't provide any new particles or animations and doesn't include any interesting new sound effects. Further, it makes her look uglier than without it. Her wand turning into a weird-looking flame thrower is almost cool, but it still just shoots her regular energy balls and beams. It looks stupid coming out of it.

Commando Lux with Fire Behind Her

The only reason that Commando Lux didn't receive the worst ranking on our list of all Lux skins is that it costs significantly less than Imperial Lux. It's still not worth buying unless you need to scratch an itch for campy sci-fi movies like Starship Troopers, which this skin appears to be based on.

12. Default LoL Lux Skin (Free)

Lux's default skin is decent. It unusually comes in a few places up from the bottom of her skin review. There's not much to say about the basic LoL Lux skin. We've all already seen it or played with it when using her in the game.

11. Spellthief Lux (750 RP; Regular Lux Skin with No Frills)

While Lux's Spellthief skin doesn't have any added particle effects, it provides a nice visual improvement over her other skins. She gains a conventional witch's cloak with a cowl. The cowl is lined with purple embroidery. It's a fairly fundamental change, but we think it's an improvement, so we placed it above her default skin.

That being said, it's hard to justify the 750 RP price for her Spellthief skin.

10. Sorceress Lux (520 RP)

Her Sorceress Lux skin looks like Riot Games may have ripped it right out of the 1960s TV show Bewitched or a 1990s anime. It's a cutesy portrayal of Lux as a magical witch that is a little too basic for our taste. The blue they've chosen is nice, but the entire outfit is the one color with minimal embellishments that you can barely tell it apart from a big blue bag over her.

Sorceress Lux on a broomstick with the moon behind her and a blue witch outfit on

At 520 RP, this skin slightly improves over her bare LoL Lux skin for a small price. If you don't have much money or RP to spend, or you got it in a loot capsule, it's worth using, but if you are looking to buy one of the best lux skins in League of Legends, keep reading.

9. Steel Legion Lux (975 RP; Good Regular Skin for Lux with Additional Effects and Animations)

We like that this Lux skin adds some new particle effects and animations, but they are only very subtle changes. Unless you sit down to compare both Steel Legion and her original skin side-by-side, you probably won't notice much of a difference in her effects. The most significant change with her ability effects is in the color of her projectiles, from a yellow tint to a blue paint.

Steel legion for lux in lol with armor on and a futuristic looking staff

We like that this Lux skin adds some new particle effects and animations, but they are only very subtle changes. Unless you sit down to compare both Steel Legion and her original skin side-by-side, you probably won't notice much of a difference in her effects. The most significant change with her ability effects is in the color of her projectiles, from a yellow tint to a blue paint.

This skin works better overall, but it's still nowhere near close to the best Lux skin you can find.

8. Star Guardian Lux (1350; Probably Not Worth it for the High Cost of this LoL Lux Skin)

This skin is based on League of Legend's parallel Star Guardian universe. In this parallel Star Guardian universe, a group of high school students strives to protect the universe from perils such as evil cosmic enemies. However, they soon encounter a hidden challenge: facing their personal and emotional problems confronting them in this new world.

Star Guardian Lux makes her look like she just flew out of an anime and straight into a game of League of Legends. This LoL Lux skin isn't bad on its own, but a better Star Guardian Lux skin is available: Pajama Guardian Lux. We discuss it later in our section covering the best Lux skins.

Star Guardian Champions in League of Legends

7. Lunar Empress LoL Lux Skin (1350 RP; Mid-Tier Changes for a High Price)

The Lunar Empress Lux skin adds some nice visual changes, but it falls short of being one of the best Lux skins by lacking any significant improvements to her visual effects. Her model gains very cool-looking ethereal, gold wings over her shoulders. They look fantastic and are pretty large.

Best LoL Lux Skins Include Lunar Empress with Jade and Gold Costume with Howling Warwick Behind Her

Unfortunately, she doesn't gain any impressive animations or particle effects to accompany her gold accent changes. For instance, in her recall, the sorceress merely summons two little puppies that fly around her and land before she recalls. It's very underwhelming.

6. Space Groove Lux (1350 RP; Great Model with Boring Animations)

She recently gained a new skin with a groovy vibe. Space Groove Lux has bright colors and interesting model changes, but her animations are a bit minimalistic and bland. They don’t manage to keep up with the quality of the model changes.

For 1350 RP, this is a great LoL Lux skin, but it’s not the best Lux skin by far.

Space Groove LoL Lux Skin Is Fun and Vibrant

5. Cosmic Lux (1820 RP; Not Nearly as Good as Its Dark LoL Lux Skin Variant)

Cosmic Lux is a great skin, but it's not nearly as good as its dark variant, which is our runner-up for the best LoL Lux skin award. The colors in this Legendary sorceress skin are just too muted to be impressive.

We do like her galaxy fighting animation, though. It can only be seen standing still and emoting, but it's one of our favorite emotes in League of Legends.

4. Battle Academia Skin (1350 RP; Decent Epic Skin for Lux)

Lux's Battle Academia Skin barely missed the top 3 Lux skins roundup. It is still a great skin, though. Unlike most other Lux skins that follow a single color for almost most parts of her outfit, her Battle Academia kit has lots of different colors in it. As a result, it looks much more refined.

The biggest downside to her Battle Academia skin is that her new effects and animations don't keep pace with the great visual improvements. While we like her Battle Academia skin, we don't find ourselves using it in League of Legends games very often.

Battle Academia Skin is one of the Best LoL Lux Skins with Gold Skirt and Red Hair

Battle Academia Skin Prestige Edition (100 Prestige Tokens; Very Rare Mythic Skin for Lux)

Her Battle Academia skin is one of the best prestige skins you can buy. Prestige skins are essentially supercharged chromas that make the skin pop. For instance, the addition of bright gold makes Lux stand out much more as a powerful mage. It also livens up gameplay with her. We like how her Q now is a brightly colored, glowing disc. It's a vast improvement over her default skin.

Top 3 LoL Lux Skins

While several of the skins listed above are great Lux skins, we still have the best Lux skins to come. Here are her three top skins.

3. Pajama Guardian Lux (1350 RP; A Great, Epic Skin for Lux)

Pajama Guardian is Lux's only actual joke skin. Her other skins vary from cute to menacing. We doubt many people's pajamas look this elaborate or adorable, but we're big fans of it. Her appearance gets a significant overhaul with this skin. She even gains cute little bunny slippers.

Pajama Guardian Champions in League of Legends Have Silly Skins

Pajama Guardian is also set in the Star Guardian universe. It's a cliché anime trope, but that's also what makes it fun and silly.

2. Runner Up Skin for Lux: Dark Cosmic Lux (1820 RP; Dark and Menacing LoL Lux Skin)

Dark Cosmic Lux is the best Lux skin you can buy at a reasonable price. The only better skin for Lux is her Ultimate skin, which costs almost twice as much for only slightly better visuals and effects.

What we like about Lux's Dark Cosmic skin is that it genuinely seems dark and menacing 😈! For instance, when she uses her Ult, she shouts in a booming voice, "Beam!!" 😝 That may not translate well to text, but go check out her video below. It's an impressive effect combining her new voice effects with her improved visuals!

1. Best Lux Skin: Elementalist Lux (3250 RP; Very Rare, Ultimate Skin for Lux)

It's hard to compete with a skin that costs 3250 RP. At current RP prices, buying her Ultimate skin will cost you $25. That's the price of many whole video games, so unless you love her Elementalist skin, you likely won't be buying it for her.

Yet, if you do want to get your hands on the best Lux skin in League of Legends and are interested in what it has to offer, we'll dive in. Like other Ultimate skins in LoL, Elementalist Lux is several skins combined into one that provides you the flexibility to adjust your appearance mid-game. This is pretty fun, as very few other players have Ultimate skins.

This skin has ten different elemental forms. You must unlock each by mastering a set of elements while in-game. It adds a fun mini-game while playing with her. Every form has its unique particle effects and color theme. What we like most about playing with it is that it adds a lot of variety to play with her and makes the game a bit more engaging. It's also an excellent skin for those who like playing with themes.

One common criticism of this LoL Lux skin is that each elemental form is more of a color change on the same underlying skin. While that may be true, to a limited extent, it's still an excellent skin with a lot of new effects and animations. Just consider that you're getting the different elemental skins as a bonus rather than the primary reason for purchasing the skin. One thing we really like is how the effect of her semi global ultimate changes when you pick this top Lux skin.

Final Thoughts on the Best Lux Skins in League of Legends

Lux is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends and one of the most popular. As a result, she has built up a vast number of skins. If you're a Lux main or just really like playing with her sometimes, you have great options in Lux skins to choose from. If you like collecting skins in League of Legends and already have some of the best Lux skins, check out our list of the best Thresh skins to grab some other great support champion skins.

What's your favorite Lux skin? Do you agree with our rankings, or would you rank a different skin as the best Lux skin? Let us know in the comments below.

Images Courtesy of Riot Games.