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What is the Best Thresh Skin in League of Legends?

Published: April 29, 2020
Finding the Best Thresh Skin

Are you a Thresh main who wants to show off your skills with an awesome Thresh skin? We’ve compiled a list of every single Thresh skin and have ranked them from worst to best, so you can find the most intimidating and epic skin for your Chain Warden!

Thresh is one of the most popular and useful supports in League of Legends. He’s famous for his hook that can pull-in and lock-down an ADC. He also has a great AoE shield that gives his allies an ability to flee if needed, and a quick knockback ability that can disrupt enemy channels. Thresh is an excellent choice for an LoL support main. One of the nice things is that your Thresh build can be setup quite versatily. Here’s a ranked list from the lamest to the very best Thresh skin.

7. SSW (Samsung White) Thresh (Limited Edition)

Thresh’s SSW skin, while cheap, is not really worth the cost. It was a limited-edition skin for Mata being part of the League of Legends Season 4 World Championship team. In our opinion, it’s a little tedious going from a fresh green/black death theme to a white hoodie. If you were a fan of the team, maybe you’ll prefer it, but for everyone else, there are much better skins to choose from in League of Legends.

SSW Skin in White for Thresh

6. Championship Thresh Skin (Limited Edition)

His Championship skin is another limited edition thresh skin. It’s much cleaner and more refined-looking than SSW is, but it’s still elementary. The recall animation showing him rise on a stage is kind of cool, but if/when you’re losing, it’s sort of a visual slap in the face.

5. Deep Terror Thresh Skin (975 RP)

Having the same color palette as the vanilla Thresh skin, Deep Terror is sometimes hard to distinguish. The nautical theme though, looks cool, especially when paired with Nautilus. When Deep Terror recalls, he pulls up a chest full of gold, which is interesting, but beyond that, the skin is relatively basic. If you’re a big fan, it’s not a bad choice, but if you’re looking for the single best skin to add to your collection, this isn’t it.

Deep Terror with an Aquatic Themed Appearance for Thresh

4. Blood Moon Thresh (975 RP)

Blood Moon is basically just a green to red color change for the vanilla Thresh skin except, for one thing. It adds some excellent base tones to Thresh’s recall. I know that sounds small, but those tones are rich and can be heard by players off-screen. For a skin under 1000 RP, it’s not a terrible choice. Though given that our top pick costs just 375 RP more, it may not be your first choice.

Blood Moon Thresh

3. Pulsefire Thresh Skin (1350 RP)

Thresh’s Pulsefire skin turns him into a futuristic, high tech demon. It brings a crisp, blue and purple color scheme to replace the traditional green and black colors. Still, beyond that, it’s not very interesting.

Pulsefire Skin is Good and Futuristic Looking

The only other exciting thing it brings to Thresh is a sharp recall animation. In it, Thresh swings his glaive wildly, leaving glowing gashes in the air before disappearing into a portal of his creation.

The Pulsefire skin is ok, but given it costs 1350 RP, there are better Thresh skins to get for the same price.

2. Runner Up - Dark Star Thresh Skin (1820 RP)

Our runner-up is Thresh’s Dark Star skin. While this skin is expensive, it does come with a lot of cool easter eggs. A lot of Thresh’s normal effect sounds are replaced by deep, booming tones, some similar to the Blog Moon skin. These strong effects really help make play more immersive.

The skin’s visual changes are also impressive. The color theme in this skin is dark and ominous. And his lantern is replaced by a black hole. The changes make him look much more intimidating. Your enemies will undoubtedly think twice before diving you.

Top Thresh Skin Darkstar with a Black Hole In Front of Thresh With Giant Horns and Stars Behind Him

When Dark Star Thresh dies, he gets a really cool death animation. His body gets sucked into his black hole right before the black hole explodes. It’s a neat effect and almost worth the extra money for this theme. Given that High Noon is just a little bit cooler and 2/3 the price, we recommend that as the best thresh skin; however, if you already have it or are more partial to the dark star themes, Dark Star Thresh a really great skin as well.

1. Best Thresh Skin - High Noon (1350 RP)

The High Noon Thresh skin is incredible! There are so many things to like about it. The most obvious is that he has a floating skull for a head that is wreathed in flame! Beyond that, though, some nice, small touches make it an excellent skin for thresh mains in LoL. When you strike an enemy with your flaming whip, little bursts of flame erupt off them. It is a small effect, but it’s a nice touch.

High Noon Thresh also has some great long animations. When recalling, he whips out his flaming whip and does tricks with it like a rodeo star before disappearing in a burst of flame. Additionally, if/when you die, your burning soul will climb out of your corpse and fade into your lantern. It’s awesome!

Do you agree with our ratings? What are your favorite Thresh skins? Please feel free to leave us a comment below.

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Images Courtesy of Riot Games.