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Best Lucian Skins Review

Published: October 20, 2021
Best Lucian Skin with Glowing Gun and League of Legends Monsters Behind Him

Are you a Lucian main looking to cleanse the undead with style, did you recently pick up the Purifier and want a Lucian skin to go alongside? We’re here for you! Every Lucian skin will be shown reviewed, comparing what they all bring, and ranked from worst to best Lucian skin.

An Overview Of Lucian

Lucian is a highly mobile, bursty, aggressive marksman who always surges back in popularity. He follows the rules that AD carries go by, but couples that with assassin traits.

The Purifier’s gameplay revolves around his Lightslinger passive, making the first attack after every spell shoot twice. His E, Relentless Pursuit, is a short dash letting him initiate or reposition in fights, while the rest of his kit is made of damage spells to cycle with his basic attacks to get the most damage out of the passive.

He’s among the more difficult marksmen to play due to his efficiency depending on the risks he takes, coupled with a mechanical depth above average. But that just makes him all the more rewarding, as few things feel better than winning through clutch plays handled by treading the line between life and death.

Lucian Skin Review

10. Striker Lucian (750 RP - Legacy)

As his first skin after release, Striker is the only Lucian skin that solely affects his model. It makes him become a football player - more specifically Edgar Davids, as the footballer was able to sue Riot Games over the cosmetic’s resemblance to him.

Striker Lucian skin on soccer field

As a result (... of the lack of features, that is, not of the lawsuit), Striker can easily rank last among the Lucian skins.

9. Hired Gun Lucian (975 RP)

As the Purifier’s release skin, Hired Gun Lucian is a good skin, every other of his cosmetics just happens to be better. The model uses a gray and blue color scheme, and the attacks and abilities go from white in the default look to golden yellow and orange. Additionally, the sound effects are slightly silenced compared to the base skin, and the visuals aren’t as sharp either.

Great Lucian Skin Showing Him Jumping Through the Air

8. Victorious Lucian (Rank rewards, not purchasable)

While this Lucian skin can’t be bought, it should still be ranked among the others, and it ranking this low is a testament to the quality of Lucian’s skins.

Victorious Lucian Skin with Advanced, High-Tech Weaponry

As opposed to the previous entry, Victorious gives Lucian sharper visual and audio effects. The model uses the usual blue and golden theme of rank-reward skin, while the abilities are reshaped, look brighter, and have been given Demacian accents.

This is the skin that best keeps the feel of base Lucian, while still feeling different.

7. Demacia Vice Lucian (1350 RP)

From this point on, it was tempting to just call the 7th to 2nd spots a 6-way tie, as they’re all fairly equally great, but each in their own specific way, making it a matter of which direction is your personal favorite.

Demacia Vice Lucian hasn’t had the most success, but is very appreciated by the people liking it. This Lucian skin has a very vibrant color scheme, with the attacks and abilities being primarily dark pink with yellow accents.

Normally, Lucian’s W marks the opponents hit with a faint light As Demacia Vice, it insteads puts an orange effect over their entire model. I consider this a drawback of the skin as this is too visible a cue for too minimal an effect, but others may appreciate it.

Lastly, this skin also plays a remix of Demacia Rising during the first minute of the match!

6. Heartseeker Lucian (1350 RP - Legacy)

Heartseeker Lucian is the last skin on the low side of this list due to being less widely appealing than the remaining ones, but its quality is impressive.

Heartseekr Lucy

It naturally uses a light pink color scheme, with all effects being love-themed. A heart forms around Lucian’s guns whenever he shoots and in the area of his W, and the Culling’s bullets are replaced by hearts as well. On top of this, rose petals fall from around Lucian when he dashes or is sped up by his Ardent Blaze.

5. Project Lucian (1350 RP)

These three skins (and Prestige version) might as well all be tied for second, each being just as good but feeling very distinct. As such, the order from fifth to second is purely personal preference.

Project is the simplest of those three skins - it’s the most vanilla, but it feels efficient and right. The theme of this Lucian skin is a bright orange, with metallic sound effects and technological visuals. Lucian’s voice also goes through a metallic filter.

Of those next skins, Project has the visual and audio volume that best matches classic Lucian. It doesn’t take up more space or feels noisier, it just gives Lucian a different look without needing to get used to something that feels different.

4. Pulsefire Lucian (1350 RP)

Taking a complete opposite turn, Pulsefire Lucian is the skin that layers the most on top of what Lucian normally has. Everything that the skin does adds sound, each step of the ability casts. Besides, the visuals are also bigger. This might throw off some players, and either take time to get used to, or be disliked, while others might like the more drastic changes.

Great Pulsefire New Lucian Skin

All of Pulsefire Lucian’s abilities are blue with orange secondary effects - the detonations of Piercing Light and Ardent Blaze have an orange center, as does the front half of the ultimate’s bullets. Just like for Project, all visuals and sound effects are changed to be metallic and futuristic.

The Best Lucian Skins

3. Pulsefire Lucian Prestige Edition (Special Pricing)

Prestige Pulsefire Lucian is a variation of the regular Pulsefire Lucian skin. As such, all of the comments regarding the weight of the VFX and SFX apply to this as well.

The difference that the Prestige skin brings is that the colors are swapped and made lighter: the on regular Pulsefire, the primary color is blue with orange traits added. On the Prestige edition, instead, the primary color is golden with the secondary one being a lighter touch of blue.

2. Runner-Up to the Top Lucian Skin - Arcana Lucian (1350 RP)

As my personal favorite Lucian skin of this three-way tie, Arcana Lucian is inspired by the, well, Arcana, the trump cards of Tarot decks. With this get-up, Lucian and his abilities are recolored in a bright red backed up by golden accents.

This skin stands out compared to all others due to its unique color scheme. All of his other skins are in one of those three ranges - white to blue, pink, or golden to orange. And while all these colors are accentuated enough to attract attention, Arcana’s do it the most, and its red feels drastically different.

Arcana Lucian colors all his attacks and abilities in a strong red, on top of reshaping all of his spells like his other Epic skins also do. His SFX with that skin are less magic than his default, and more mechanical instead.

This skin has to rank below High Noon due to all the extra attributes that the latter brings, but it’s an excellent skin and a definite runner-up for my tastes.

1. Best Lucian Skin - High Noon Lucian (1820 RP)

And finally, the best Lucian skin is High Noon Lucian! Despite being released 3 years ago, Lucian’s legendary skin stands the test of time and remains his best.

High Noon makes Lucian half-possessed by a demon, and appearing fully as a demon during his recall, his E, and his ultimate, in a way that strikingly resembles Devil May Cry’s Dante.

Being a legendary skin, High Noon Lucian gives him an entirely new voice-over alongside changing his SFX, VFX, and animations. With it, all of Lucian’s abilities take an orange color with a dark afterglow, matching his model. The sound effects are deeper rather than higher, and while the VFX isn’t as crowded as that of other options, the skin will still be one of the harder ones to get used to from having new animations on the model itself.

All in all though, High Noon is by far the skin that adds the most to Lucian as his legendary skin, and the Devil May Cry inspiration is a great added touch as well!

Final Thoughts on Our Best Lucian Skin Review

We hope this helped you choose yourself your own best Lucian skin! Make sure to let us know how your own preferences differ from this list, particularly regarding Pulsefire, Arcana, and Project. If your next goal for Lucian is to polish your skills after your looks, you may be interested in our Lucian build!

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Images Courtesy of Riot Games.