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Best Senna Skin in League of Legends

Published: May 4, 2020
Best Senna Skins in LoL Featuring Classic Skin with Large Rifle

Looking for a great new Senna skin to help show off how exceptional your skills are? Not sure which is the best Senna skin? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover all of Senna’s skins, and because she is so new to LoL, we’ll also cover her best chromas.

Senna is a relatively new marksman champion who does equally well as an ad carry or as a support. She scales well by absorbing the souls of fallen enemies and minions to grant damage and critical strike chance. Senna has an enormously powerful global ultimate ability that lets her both strike foes and shield allies anywhere on the map. Additionally, she has a powerful root ability that helps control lanes and prevent enemies from fleeing. Able to play both ADC and support, Senna, the Redeemer, is a very versatile champion if you build Senna well.

Best Senna Skins

Classic Skin

Senna’s classic skin has some cool elements to it that bring to life the League of Legend mythos. Senna was a companion to Lucian who fell to shadow, trapped inside of Thresh’s lantern. The most obvious influence is in the shadows streaming from her gun. Firing the weapon creates a ripple of black and white energy. The sound effects and visual recoil from the massive gun make playing with Senna a blast.

Best Senna Skin: True Damage (1350 RP)

Senna’s first skin is her True Damage skin. It takes Senna from the brooding, dark hero showcased in her classic skin and makes her into a modern, fun-loving champion. Firstly, this skin brings a lot more color to her kit with interesting new weapon markings and a new outfit reminiscent of a DJ. Her recall animation is heralded with a hip-hop beat, and musical waveforms surround her shadow form’s circle.

Senna’s classic skin is good, but it is a little brooding. This skin is more vibrant and fun, which is why we strongly prefer it.

True Damage Chromas

Currently, there are seven chromas available for purchase for her True Damage skin. We are most partial to the Citrine, Pearl, and Sapphire chromas. The Citrine one is just fascinating, mostly because it adds contrasting lime green and orange colors to her outfit. They’re funky, and that is what the True Damage skin is all about. The Pearl and Sapphire chromas are a lot more elegant, especially the Pearl chroma. If that’s more to your liking, then we recommend those for you.

Citrine True Damage Chroma for Senna Pearl Chroma on Senna Saphire Blue Chroma for Senna's Best Skin

True Damage Prestige Edition

Riot Games partnered with artist Nicolas Ghesquière (who designs for Louis Vuitton) to create the prestige edition of Senna’s True Damage skin. This version takes the skin to a whole new level.

True Damage Prestige Edition

The skin’s white and gold look pops on Senna and makes her look very classy. It’s the best chroma on Senna’s best skin. If you can afford it and are a huge Senna fan, you will be incredibly pleased.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to the best Senna skin. If you are looking for more fantastic skins, check out our best lucian skin review.

Images Courtesy of Riot Games.