Blitzcrank Win Rate and Stats

LoL Blitzcrank Stats and Win Rate

Champion Statistics and Meta Breakdown for Blitzcrank in LoL

115,999 Blitzcrank Matches Analyzed

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To generate these Blitzcrank stats, we analyzed 115,999 recent competitive League of Legends rounds with him chosen. MOBA Champion pulls ranked game data directly from Riot's servers. This allows us to be very confident in our Blitzcrank stats. Across all games, Blitzcrank did perform very well, with an above average win rate of 51.4%.

In the current meta, Blitzcrank is somewhat popular. He has been used in 3.9% of recently ranked games. He is often banned during champ select. Obviously, many players see him as a significant threat. In the latest ranked games, Blitzcrank was banned 9.4% of the time.

He is a weak damage dealer on the Rift with 3 kills on average per game. That is the 14th highest kill count amongst all supports. (There are 29 champion in totals that are typically picked for in the support position.) Moreover, he has a fairly typical death rate with an average of 6 deaths per LoL match (14th out of all supports). Furthermore, Blitzcrank has an average KDA ratio (2.4) with 12 assists (17th amongst all support type champions).

Blitzcrank Win Rate Over Time

Our calculated overall Blitzcrank win rate is the 7th highest amongst supports. He is most dominating in the early phase of the game with a 51.2% win rate in that phase. In comparison, he has a 47.0% win rate in the late phase and a 51.4% winrate overall. There is a moderate difference between these Blitzcrank win rates (4.3%). This large difference makes it clear that his power spikes and fades in different parts of the round. Prepare well.

Blitzcrank Position Stats

Popularity: 1.6%
Win Rate: 48%
Popularity: 1.5%
Win Rate: 50%
Popularity: 10%
Win Rate: 52%
Popularity: 4%
Win Rate: 52%
Popularity: 83%
Win Rate: 51%

Blitzcrank Stats and Meta

Blitzcrank is played mostly in the support position. This happens in 83% of his matches. Yet, mid Blitzcrank has the highest win rate (51.6%) of all positions but is less popular of a position (played 10% of the time). At this time, Blitzcrank's meta game is focused on tanking. Specifically, his kit should primarily be focused on protecting carries. Additionally, he is an ok damage dealer champ. Dealing physical damage is the least critical part of Blitzcrank’s gameplay.

You should expect to have to to dedicate only a little bit of time practicing and learning to pick up Blitzcrank. Many League of Legends gamers believe he is one of the most basic champ to master. Blitzcrank primarily deals magical damage (65% of his total damage). He also deals a significant amount of physical damage and should be considered a hybrid damage dealer.

Blitzcrank deals a small amount of damage during a regular ranked round (8,858 damage). You shouldn't focus on developing him as a powerful champ to destroy your enemies.Rather, players should focus on helping your allies to win.

Blitzcrank Playstyle

Damage Types

Base Blitzcrank Stats

Health 583 - 2198
Mana 267 - 947
Damage 62 - 121.5
Attack Range 125
Armor 40 - 99.5
Magic Resist 32 - 53.25
Move Speed 325
Energy Type Mana


Blitzcrank is an enormous, near-indestructible automaton from Zaun, originally built to dispose of hazardous waste. However, he found this primary purpose too restricting, and modified his own form to better serve the fragile people of the Sump...

Data Analysis

We comb through millions of League of Legends matches pulled directly from Riot’s servers each week and analyze the data using advanced algorithms to bring you the most accurate Blitzcrank stats online. We analyze the data by tier, so you can find the most relevant Blitzcrank win rate and other stats.