Blitzcrank Build Guide

LoL Blitzcrank Build Guide

The Best Blitzcrank Runes, Items, and Advice to Dominate Your Competition

115,999 Blitzcrank Builds Analyzed

Best Items for Your Blitzcrank Build

The best items to incorporate into your Blitzcrank build are: Locket of the Iron Solari, Zeke's Convergence, Redemption, and Frozen Heart. Moreover, like our rune advice, you can also get great, focused, Blitzcrank item builds below for the specific enemy team comp you are fighting in your current match. Players who included these pieces in their setups had a higher winrate than players who used other Blitzcrank builds.

Blitzcrank Items to Defeat Focused Team Comps

Best Blitzcrank Runes for Your Next Build

Aftershock Build Rune for Blitzcrank Aftershock
Font of Life Build Rune for Blitzcrank Font of Life
Bone Plating Build Rune for Blitzcrank Bone Plating
Overgrowth Build Rune for Blitzcrank Overgrowth
Zombie Ward Build Rune for Blitzcrank Zombie Ward
Relentless Hunter Build Rune for Blitzcrank Relentless Hunter
If you are trying to beat a varied enemy team composition, you should strongly consider getting him the Aftershock, Font of Life, Bone Plating, Overgrowth, Zombie Ward, and Relentless Hunter runes. In recent games, he won the greatest fraction of his matches when using these runes. Yet, if you are trying to beat a more homogenous enemy team comp, such as an AP focused or a CC centric team, you should instead look further down to view the best Blitzcrank runes to win your particular game.

Blitzcrank Runes to Beat Dedicated Enemy Teams

Aftershock Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Blitzcrank Build Aftershock
Font of Life Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Blitzcrank Build Font of Life
Bone Plating Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Blitzcrank Build Bone Plating
Unflinching Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Blitzcrank Build Unflinching
Manaflow Band Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Blitzcrank Build Manaflow Band
Transcendence Rune to Fight a Specific Team Comp with a Good Blitzcrank Build Transcendence

Guide to Playing with Blitzcrank

  • If someone ganks you under tower, use Rocket Grab, Power Fist, and Static Field as a quick combo to make your opponent pay.
  • Blitzcrank performs better when he has teammates following him up; make sure you coordinate with your team before engaging.


We came up with our Blitzcrank build suggestions by analyzing 115,999 recently ranked League games with him selected. We only recommend the highest winrate Blitzcrank builds that were used by ranked League players enough times for us to propose them. With so many games in our data, we are very confident in our provided builds.

Additionally, to see the top Blitzcrank build designed for a different skill level, you can select a different one from the dropdown menu above. The proposed Blitzcrank builds will change to capture that skill level’s meta.

FAQs About Blitzcrank

Can I build Blitzcrank with both AP and tanky items?

Yes. There are a number of good AP/tank items in League of Legends. However, in the current meta, Blitz is usually best when given CDR, tank, or other support items instead of additional AP. That is because his abilities have such long cooldowns that AP isn't very cost effective on him.

Why does Blitzcrank always get banned in League of Legends?

Blitzcrank is often banned in LoL. This is especially true at lower ranks, such as Iron, Bronze, and Silver divisions. For inexperienced players that are caught out of position, Blitz can be devastating. Playing against Blitz (and other hook supports) requires players to constantly focus on their positioning. Some newbies just don't want to bother, so they ban Blitzcrank to avoid the hassle.

How do you play Blitzcrank in the late game?

Your objective should be the same as most other supports: protect your carry. You should use your abilities to peel enemies off of your ADC or other carries during teamfights. You also will have the added task of engaging. If you can get a pick in the late game, you can turn the tide of battle in your teams favor. Just don't pull their tank.

What is Blitz's greatest strength in LoL?

His hook is incredibly powerful and useful. It is the fastest hook in the game and allows you to pull champions to you even over obstacles. To maximize his strength, you should invest in cooldown reduction items in your Blitzcrank build.

What is Blitzcrank's greatest weakness?

Blitzcrank has very long cooldowns, especially on his Q. If you miss your hook, you and your team will usually need to stand by until the timer refreshes. In lane, he faces the same issues. Don't miss you Q, and increase your CDR for you Blitz build.