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In the current meta, Cho'Gath is a good top laner. Cho'Gath is best when played alongside champions like Amumu and Fizz and is a great counter to both Lee Sin and Gragas. Be careful when facing either Amumu or Kayle, as they are both great Cho'Gath counters.

Best Cho'Gath Counters
Champion Win Rate
Lee Sin 59 %
Gragas 59 %
Nidalee 59 %
Qiyana 58 %
Kalista 57 %
Worst Cho'Gath Counters
Champion Win Rate
Amumu 43 %
Kayle 45 %
Brand 46 %
Swain 47 %
Kayn 47 %
Cho'Gath Synergies
Champion Win Rate
Amumu 60 %
Fizz 56 %
Kayle 56 %
Brand 56 %
Skarner 56 %
Guide to Countering Cho'Gath
  • Don't let Cho'Gath get too many Feast stacks, because his health increases with every stack.
  • Watch for the smoke cloud indicating where Cho'Gath's Rupture ability will hit.
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