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In the current meta, Janna is a good support who primarily deals magic damage (87%). Janna has the 9th highest win rate amongst supports (out of 28). Prioritize completing Shurelya's Battlesong early in your Janna build, as players who had this item completed in their build had the highest win rates. Janna is most dominant in the mid game, with a 51.8% win rate in the mid game, as opposed to a 51.3% win rate overall. Scroll down to see the best items and runes for your Pro Janna Build!

Win Rate
Ban Rate
Janna Position Stats
Base Stats
Statistic Champion Range
Health 500 - 1690
Mana 350 - 1438
Damage 46 - 71.5
Attack Range 550
Armor 28 - 92.6
Magic Resist 30 - 38.5
Move Speed 315
Energy Type Mana
Damage Types
Janna Playstyle
Janna Win Rate Over Time
Armed with the power of Runeterra's gales, Janna is a mysterious, elemental wind spirit who protects the dispossessed of Zaun. Some believe she was brought into existence by the pleas of Runeterra's sailors who prayed for fair winds as they navigated...