Mystic TFT Klasse Leitfaden und Statistiken

Mystic TFT Klasse Statistiken

Wie man mit Klasse Mystic in Teamfight Tactics gewinnt

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Champions mit der Klasse Mystic

Mystic Klasse Details

All allies gain Magic Resist.

Beste Champs, die man in einer Mystic Teamkomposition in TFT haben kann

Andere TFT-Klassen, die gut mit Mystic harmonieren

TFT-Klassen, die Mystic in Teamfight Tactics countern

TFT Klasse Mystic Anleitung

  • The Mystic trait works very well with Hellion team comps. The ability damage mitigation will be spread to all of the many Dopplehellions and will make the overall team much tankier.
  • Combining the Mystic TFT trait with Ironclad and/or Knight will make your team very hard to kill. Be sure to have enough damage though to take advantage of all of that tank cover.
  • Lifesteal works very well when combined with Mystic team comps. Being able to survive the burst of the enemies abilities means your champion may be able to recouperate enough health to be very difficult to kill.