Kayle Guía y estadísticas de campeones de TFT

Kayle Estadísticas y guía de campeones de TFT

Cómo ganar con Kayle en Teamfight Tactics

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Sugerencias para TFT Kayle

  • As in regular League, Kayle in TFT is a hyper-carry. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you are facing her), her ascension is tied to her duration in the TFT match and not with something else like Attack Speed, which can be more easily controlled. You will want to keep Kayle alive, protect, until she has more fully ascended and is able to lay waste to the enemy team.
  • While Attack Speed won't help TFT Kayle ascend, it does really help her abilities deal more damage. Consider giving her at least one attack speed boosting item.
  • Kayle won't protect herself from CC at the begnining of each round with Verdant. Verdant's effect only targets adjacent enemies. In order to cover Verdant champions too, you must place them next to eachother.

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What can I do to help TFT Kayle reach her maximum ascension level each round?

You can't directly affect Kayle's ascension rate beyond getting her to level 3 (which is incredibly difficult given her rarity). However, you can utilize tanks well in order to stall the enemy long enough for Kayle to ascend and deal massive damage. Items like Frozen Heart are particularly good for stalling the enemy team and giving yourself the opportunity to charge her stacks.