Lissandra Guía y estadísticas de campeones de TFT

Lissandra Estadísticas y guía de campeones de TFT

Cómo ganar con Lissandra en Teamfight Tactics

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Sugerencias para TFT Lissandra

  • TFT Liss can hit a large number of enemies at once with ability. Beyond her damage output, this has a great utility of reducing their Attack Damage for a long duration. Place her in a good position to maximize the number of champions she can hit.
  • Because Lissandra in TFT is more of a utility champion with a large ability effect radius, she's a great candidate for on-hit ability items, such as Morellonomicon.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre Lissandra

Does Lissandra's ability to reduce enemy attack damage stack?

Yes, Lissandra's ability does not have a non-stacking modifier, so it will continue to stack with previous applications if they are still in effect.