Pantheon Guía y estadísticas de campeones de TFT

Pantheon Estadísticas y guía de campeones de TFT

Cómo ganar con Pantheon en Teamfight Tactics

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Sugerencias para TFT Pantheon

  • Panth in TFT does a great job of blending tank and damage output to make him a really terrifying champion to fight. His shield stance ability (Aegis Assault) negates most damage while his AoE damage punishes even protected enemies. Build Pantheon around this ability.
  • Dragonslayer provides bonus damage to Pantheon's team when he (or another Dragonslayer) defeats a high health enemy. To take advantage of this, place Pantheon where you expect the enemy tanks to be. His Aegis Shield will not only help take down the tanks, but it will also hit the units protected behind them.