Estadísticas y guía de objetos de TFT Giant Slayer

TFT Giant Slayer Estadísticas y guía del objeto

Cómo ganar con Giant Slayer en Teamfight Tactics

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Giant Slayer Descripción

The holder's Abilities and attacks do bonus damage. If the target has more health, the bonus damage increases.

Los mejores campeones para usar Giant Slayer en TFT

Consejos de Giant Slayer TFT

  • You should build Giant Slayer on champions intended to take down tanks. For instance, place it on you back-line AD carries or on any front-line skirmishers.
  • TFT Giant Slayer has relatively little value in the early rounds. Very few champions, including tanks, will have enough health to hit the required threshold. When it becomes practical is about the same time you stop getting individual items and only can find completed ones. Either plan for the long game or don't build something else.