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TFT Mor-evil-lonomicon Estadísticas y guía del objeto

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Mor-evil-lonomicon Descripción

When the holder deals magic or true damage with their Ability, they burn the target, dealing a percentage of the target's maximum Health as true damage over several seconds, and reducing healing for the duration of the burn.

Los mejores campeones para usar Mor-evil-lonomicon en TFT

Consejos de Mor-evil-lonomicon TFT

  • Shadow Morellonomicon is the perfect item to place on quick casting AoE champs. With just this one item, your champ can deal a great deal of damage. As true damage, the equipped champ will even do well against tanks.
  • Mor-evil-lonomicon has a great name. You just have to love it for that alone :).
  • Don't give any other damage items to the same champion as Mor-evil-lonomicon. This item trades its own lasting damage for a significant reduction in the wearers own innate spell damage.
  • Because this shadow variant and the original Morellonomicon reduce the target's healing, you should use them against lifestealing and regenerating enemies, which in this meta is many of the enemy carries.
  • There's not much advantage in re-applying the effect because it scales to 100% of the champion's max health, so no need to focus on survivability if your champ can get most of the enemies at once (i.e. Kennen).