Taric TFT Champion Guide and Stats

Taric TFT Champion Stats and Guide

How to Win with Taric in Teamfight Tactics

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TFT Taric Tips

  • If TFT Taric can heal with his ability before too many allies fall, the large HP boost could turn the tide of the battle by almost completely resetting all of your allies' health bars. Strategic champion placement or a good use of Taunt can help focus the enemy teams damage on your tanks to keep your team alive long enough.
  • Try to get Taric to cast as early as possible by placing him in your front lines with a large amount of tank.
  • Verdant doesn't provide CC immunity to the champion who creates it. In order to give Taric CC immunity, you need to place another Verdant champion directly adjacent to him as well. This close stacking of champions can be beneficial for Taric's AoE heal/buff.