Coven TFT Class Guide and Stats

Coven TFT Class Stats

How to Win with the Coven Class in Teamfight Tactics

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Champions with the Coven Class

Coven Class Details

At the start of combat, the champion nearest to the center of your Coven champions is chosen as the Coven Leader, gaining bonus Ability Power. Each time a Coven champion casts, a percentage of the cost is bestowed upon the Coven Leader as Mana.

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TFT Coven Class Guidance

  • Pick your Coven leader well. It doesn't have to be one of your champions with the Coven trait.
  • The Coven leader gains additional ability power in addition to mana from the rest of the coven in TFT. Champions with big AoE abilities or hard CC are usually the best champions to make the leader.